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Bowling Green, KY

Great place for young familes and retired folks - 5/31/2019
I have lived in Bowling Green 12 years, prior to that I lived in the Terre Haute IN area. Compared to Terre Haute, my husband and I much prefer BG. The winters are much milder here, nearly no snow and if it does snow everything shuts down so you get a day off. Summers are hot and humid, but not much different than summers in the Midwest. It does rain more here than in the Southwest US, but that is why everything is so green and lush most of the year. The economy is good, even during the recession, the BG area economy kept chugging along, we really did not see much of what the rest of the US went through. There are lots of beautiful homes on rolling green hills, and due to local zoning laws, lots of beautiful landscaping, even in parking lots. There are two industrial parks, both full of various industry. The local university WKU, is a good regional public comprehensive university. It is a good place for those wanting to go into nursing, physical therapy, photo journalism, business, education or pre-med. I find people to be very helpful, opening doors, and being polite. People on our road all wave as they go by. It is the bible belt, so you are sure to be invited to church when you first arrive. The town has grown faster than its infrastructure, so traffic is bad on main roads during rush hour. But the town has people who are working on improvements, so you will also see a lot of construction to improve the road situation. There is a lot of housing available now, both single family homes, condos and apartments, most built in the last 5-10 years. Some of these are aimed at retired folks or single women who do not want to maintain a lawn. Cost of living is low, compared to the rest of the US, so you can buy a nice home here for less than most places. Health care locally is good, and if you need a higher level, Nashville is just an hour away, with world class hospitals. I have had a lot of opportunities to go elsewhere with my job, but I just can't find anyplace I like as much as BG, so I think we are here to stay.

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