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Saratoga Springs, UT

Saratoga is a great place to live, but be warned i - 7/18/2013
Saratoga springs has got a lot of good qualities. It is beautiful and quiet. The climate is pretty good; there is a nice amount of snow during winter(not too much). Shopping is close. It doesn't feel crowded at all. Here is what is frustrating about Saratoga. First it seems that too much of the city's money is given to the police and not enough money is spent on schools. There are way too many police driving around Saratoga. The police have all kinds of different cars; cars which seem way too fancy and expensive. I have never gotten a ticket from the Saratoga police, but it seems to me that they pull over people way too often. Realistically there is not much for them to do except give out tickets! Also, it is disappointing to me whenever the stop lights are out or there is an accident and the police don't help direct traffic. Meanwhile, the schools my children attend are seriously lacking money for even the basics. We are often put in the position of paying our children's schools hundreds of dollars a year, even though we live paycheck-to-paycheck. None the less, the one thing which will ultimately make my family leave Saratoga in a few years, is religion. Saratoga Springs is about 90 percent LDS. All you here when you live around here are LDS related conversations. All you see when you look around are LDS buildings. Honestly, it doesn't make a difference what religion it is. If you live anywhere , where there is 90 percent of any one religion it is not good. It seems choices are limited and diversity does not exist. I explain to my 9 year old over and over that Utah is the only state in America where there is one predominant religion. Yet she still cannot imagine what it is like to live somewhere that people do not constantly speak of religion. She says the children at her school always ask her why she does't go to church. My older teens are having social problems related to religion as well.
So to sum it all up: I think Saratoga Springs is one of the nicest cities to live in , especially if you are LDS or you are retired. But if you are not LDS and you have children , stay away, because the culture can be very socially unhealthy and confusing for your children. I would also like to emphasize that it is the predominance of one religion that is the problem, it makes no difference which religion it is.

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