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Salem, MA

Horrible place for a Family - 3/1/2016
I've been in Salem, Massachusetts for a year now because it brought me up here for my husband's job. Salem may be a great place to visit during Halloween but other than that it's a horrible place to live especially if you have children. The schools here are less than par. Just read the review ratings on Salem public schools. The parking here is atrocious and Salem police do not monitor peoples parking here. You can drive down any two-way street in Salem and sometimes not be able to get down because people are parked all over the streets where they are not allowed to park. They park on sidewalks and on curbs. The roads here are horrible do not plan on bringing a nice car up here because it will be ruined within a year. people here do not even follow road signs they're basically allowed to do whatever they want to do and I've never seen a police pull one over yet. And last but not least The city does not take care of it streets or it's parks or anything it is a trashy city with underdeveloped properties and dilapidated properties .

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