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Kansas City, MO

Extremely unfriendly.
- 7/6/2020
OMG I thought it was just me! What is wrong with the people in KC????? Everywhere we went , pathetic attitudes. From the casino's to the restaurants, just wow!

Kansas City, MO

Kansas City, MO is Horrible and Dirty - 7/6/2020
I just spent a week there and got the same impression. The entire eastern half, northern half, central part of the city is run down and decaying. Very depressing. Go over a couple blocks and it's decent but still dead with middle and upper class folks. Seems like everyone is shacked up in their homes, no one outside walking dogs, parks are empty, don't blame covid, the customer service, from the crappy casinos to the downtown bbq joints and the dirty Ramada Suites, etc. was lacking. Just very trashy. The place is depressing. All they have going are the KC Chiefs, nothing else. Who says let's move to KC? YAY? Downtown was a joke too fyi. Dead and depressing. Not impressed at all! Disgusting, dirty city with no growth. Like another Oklahoma City.

Houston, TX

Think Long and Hard Before You Come Here< - 6/17/2020
Sounds exactly like DALLAS!!!!! EXACTLY! Jerry Jones world, the biggest city slapped in the middle of an empty field. Nothing to do but eat eat eat, shop shop shop, everyone is racist. Black on white, white on black, Hispanic on white and black. The whites only like you if you are a wasp, love football and bleed Texas blood. Some of the phoniest, laziest people, I've ever met. But....god bless Texas, Bush and the Cowboys.

Denver, CO

Denver is not what you think. Very Overrated. - 5/25/2020
Denver is finished. It's now known as Little LA. From the smog to the 10k+++ homeless, we have our own skid row...blocks and blocks of tents and homeless downtown. The State Capitol is overrun with homeless as well as Civic Center Park.

They now have needle disposal sights all over downtown. 16th street mall is infested with homeless begging for change, harassing citizens, pissing and defecating in broad daylight, shooting up heroin, etc. It is out of control and the Mayor and the leaders doesn't care.

Ever since the mayor and his good ol' boys came to town, the developers have made a fortune building boxy matchstick apartments where the average rent starts at 1600 for a 1 bedroom.

The streets are now dirtier, the snow doesn't get plowed, drug addicts everywhere and the cops do nothing.

Crime is up, way up. It is completely overrated. I've been to Chicago, Philadelphia and their downtown's are cleaner and less crime infested than Denver's. That says something.....

The city is filled with lot's of potheads and tattoo lovers. Just no class.

The women here are a joke. Stuck up and act like they are 10 out of 10's when they really are 5-6 out of 10's. Problem is, way more men than women. Go to a bar, it's a sausage fest. Good luck if you are a single man.

The people are stiff and aloof. Just don't know how to have a good time like other cities. The nightlife and restaurant scene is a joke. For the few good food places you have, better be ready to pay up and wait an hour. Nightlife, if you call it that, ends around 1:00am where all the drunkards are pushed into the street's, mostly 20 something year olds, who act like frat boys without the education element.

The drivers are pathetic. Slow, day dreaming, constant accidents from incompetent drivers. Passing in the left lane? Forget it. Blinkers...merging? Never existed. The insurance rates have shot out of the roof the last couple years for a reason, it's horrible.

Want the mountains 2 hours away? There are now wait lists for trails and park. Then, the traffic is a jam going up and down the mountains and passes. Once you are there, you realize you are with half of Denver, watching the 20 somethings doing selfies to show off how cool they are. (A majority of transplants who jumped on the cool colorado bandwagon and moved to Denver.)

And all the events in the city like Taste of Colorado, Pride Fest, Cinco De Mayo? Better have a bunch of cash to blow for overpriced food and drinks. You will look at the people and crowd and realize that a lot of Denver still also has the trailor park trash mentality and attitudes or are around some wanna-be from California trying to fit in.

There is a housing shortage. Literally tens of thousands of houses need to be build to keep up. The ones that are build by some of these home builders are so shoddy and cheaply built, they already fall apart before they are finished. Heard the complaints from a lot of people I work with. A shack in the hood or barrio goes for 400-500k. There are waitlists and lotteries at the new home builder sites for people buying homes. (Mostly California and Texans bringing their arrogant attitudes with them.)

The majority of my friends have cashed out and left the Mile High. From the traffic, the cost of living, the attitudes, the brown clouds, the sprawl, the drug scene, the pretentious people, the no customer service attitudes in the service sector, the leadership running the show, the overrated weather (It's not 300 days of blue skies and sun unless you are referring to the days the sun rises.) It's called hail alley for a reason where the storms cause literally billions in damage. More than any other location in the country.

Denver is finished. It was cool 20 years ago. Just drive around and look at all the matchstick apartments they are building or all the infills destroying neighborhoods.
People are tired of the cost of living, the stress, the traffic, the drugs, the safety aspect, etc.

They did a good job of marketing the mile high as a true utopian dream like Hollywood but once you get here, you realize...this is it?


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