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I love my Idaho and what it has meant to me and how most of it is gone.

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Idaho, ID
Its not the best place to live"anymore"
Posted On: 5/26/2014 12:29:34 PM
I have lived in Boise for over fifty-three years and have in horrible dismay seen changes that compromise my beloved city. This State is run by the rich and powerful, and the groups of these people make sure that those to be elected are backed by some serious money; any ordinary state born person has no chance. They want those with money to come to this, what once was a peaceful urban state because of the "low" cost of living. This state advertises that it has the “lowest cost of doing business due to the low cost of labor, and how they state this is “Boise” supports business with a lowest cost of wage base”. People here are lucky to find a job that pays $7.25 to $7.55, and there be a least 20 applicants for that one job. The unemployment here is greatly understated.
The schools here are insufficient and have a great level of low education standards. How they avoided losing monies from taxpayer/federal funding was to build alternative schools for those that have problems reading and writing, by using a lower level of teaching but showing high marks of education. They also were being deceitful on the school records of those who dropped out, as leaving to obtain their GED’s when they actually were not. Costs were taken way from teachers, and those teachers have had to support the costs for themselves. In the end, the increase of unemployed, unemployable people has risen.
The land that was used to produce food (wheat, alfalfa, corn, beans, livestock, dairies) for the area for its people, are no more. The fresh smell of mint has been replaced by industry. The cost to the farmers made by the state has cost them to go out of business and forced them to sell their land for subdivisions. Taking beautiful country roads and making them five lane highways, some which are very dangerous. Only after several deaths does the highway department take notice. The most interesting thing that I have seen is places that raise apples, peaches, grapes for wine etcetera, have been using aerial pesticides in an area which has a great deal of drift. The spraying companies have made an effort to inform local residents of the spraying and to not eat produce from their gardens and to keep livestock such as chickens inside. A woman who uses the same butcher that I do brought two chickens that had been in a group that she raised to eat in to see if there was anything wrong, there was, tumors throughout . The other interesting thing is that it is advertised for local farmers markets a

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