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Charleston, SC

If I Could Give It "ZERO" Stars, I Would - 10/8/2019
For what it's worth, if I could give this place ZERO stars, I would!!!!!!!! I cannot understand why or how the people at the top/the bigwigs/those with money + power, could allow what once used to be such a nice, friendly, quaint, charming + hospitable city give in to over-development, which results in over-crowdedness, which results in angry and frustrated drivers + residents because now, we have more people, apartments, condos, houses, and hotels than we do proper roads + infrastructure, and that is NOT okay!!!!!

When I say Charleston, I'm referring also to the surrounding areas of downtown historic Charleston too (i.e. West Ashley, North Charleston, Mount Pleasant, Summerville, Goose Creek, etc.). It is just a massive over-development here now with very poor/outdated infrastructure, resulting in road rage, angry drivers, and lots of speeders + people blowing red lights because they can't get to work on time, even if they do leave early. It's gotten to the point where there is heavy traffic/congestion on the roads at ALL times of the day, regardless, and it is causing major gridlock and disgruntled drivers who do dangerous things, without the thought of other drivers around them.

To add to the major problems that come with over-development, we have jobs that still don't pay livable wages, but yet, the cost of living is sky high!! How does that equal out? This place has become a laughable joke to live and everything that the media likes to promote like Charleston being the #1 Travel Destination we all know is a bunch of overhyped b/s because someone has ties with someone who works with the media and they only promote the few parts of downtown historic Charleston that make it "look" attractive to those who don't know the area at all. What they don't show you is all of the high-rise condos that are being built around the downtown area (money, money, money), and the cramped roads that can't hardly hold any more traffic (the roads are outdated and are falling apart), and the cranes that hang over almost every single road because the construction is ongoing, with truly NOWHERE left to build (but the city + those with money will find a way!). Believe me..... you are not being shown the full picture of the reality of what has become a very ugly, over-crowded, and unattractive area to live with massive amounts of transplants flocking here daily and taking over with their unfriendliness (not a southern trait), lots of money (greedy), and entitled attitudes because they're "better than you" (Pu-leeze!). If you want to save yourself from major unhappiness, then please look elsewhere!! Charleston is not the friendly, hospitable city that it used to be. That all changed in 2007 when Boeing took over the area, followed by Volvo, Mercedes, BMW, Google, Amazon, etc. Stay away!!!!!!!!!!!

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