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In my adult life I have lived in 14 different locations in 10 different states, on both coasts, in the south, the mid-west, and the southwest...in cities, suburbs, small towns, and rural areas...on beaches, mountains, and plains. I also have Bachelor's and Master's degrees in geography. Because of this history, I feel well qualified to provide informed opinions on America's cultural and physical landscapes.


Life Stage: Young Couple
Occupation: Research & Development


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Raleigh, NC

I don't get it. - 5/26/2013
Raleigh has some major perks. The universities and RTP keep the area lively, with an educated population and all the cultural amenities that that brings (concerts, lectures, plays, museums, etc.). However, there are a few major roadblocks that keep Raleigh from being a desirable place to live.

1) Climate -- Apparently some people enjoy bursting into flames 6 months of the year in the scorching heat of Raleigh. I guess the soul-drenching humidity helps to put out the flames. If you want to feel like you jumped in a pool fully clothed and then walked through the worlds largest sauna, then Raleigh may be right for you.

2) Traffic -- Basically plan on not leaving your home between the hours of 6:00 AM and 9:00 PM, and you might be okay. If you have to venture out, then clear your schedule. It doesn't help that the city is spread out. So when people talk about the cultural amenities of Raleigh, remember that it could take an hour and a half to travel to them.

3) Housing cost -- The numbers on this site don't seem accurate. Maybe it's that the housing in the vast crime-ridden neighborhoods is so affordable that it skews the number. If you want to live in a safe neighborhood for under $250k, then you'll be 30-40 minutes outside of downtown.

I don't understand how people apparently overlook this obstacles when assessing the quality of life in Raleigh.

Moscow, ID

Update on A Newcomer's Perspective - 5/25/2013
After initially expressing some trepidation concerning winters in Moscow, I've now lived here through two of them, and I have to say that my fears were unwarranted. I expected months of constant snow cover, daily car window brushing/scraping, and precarious commutes. We got a couple of decent snows each winter, but the roads were fine within a day. Other than that, you can expect a dusting of snow ~60% of the mornings in December and January.

It turns out, the climate is one of the best things about Moscow. The summers are short, with nice chilly nights...We don't even have AC; we just open the windows at night and close them during the day. Last year, we didn't see a drop of rain from sometime in June all the way into October. The winters are warmer than you would expect for this latitude. Our average highs in the dead of winter are still a couple of degrees above freezing. We have extended Springs and Autumns compared to many places I've lived, where they pass by in the blink of an eye. Compared to the mid-west/northeast, the summer highs here are about 5-10 degrees cooler (and with no humidity), and the winter lows are about 5-10 degrees warmer.

The only negative I can mention about the weather in Moscow is that you'll practically never see a thunderstorm here.

And after nearly two years in Moscow, I still stand by all positive things I said about this town when I first moved here.

Moscow, ID

A newcomer's perspective - 11/10/2011
I have lived in 14 different locations, in 10 different states in my adult life, on both coasts, in the south, and in the midwest...in cities, suburbs, small towns, and rural areas. So it really means something when I say that Moscow, Idaho is my favorite place I've lived.

I've only been here about 4 months, but from what I can tell this town has everything. Between UofI and WSU there are plenty of amenities and activities (lectures, concerts, festivals, etc). But Moscow doesn't feel like a college town, with unkempt lawns, loud parties, or teenage thugs roaming the streets.

Housing is affordable. There are plenty of shops and restaurants, both local and chain, to choose from. Crime is low; I feel safe anytime of night, anywhere in town. Traffic is non-existent. Honestly, my wife and I have both remarked how Moscow feels like a town out an 80s sit-com. It's the kind of place where you talk to your neighbors while your kids jump in a pile of leaves.

The weather so far has been lovely...the summer was mild and dry, but I'm sure my rosy image of this town will soon be buried under 2 feet of snow.

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