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Los Angeles, CA

The Grand Illusion. - 8/8/2018
I was born in Carson California, grew up in Torrance, and Lived in and out (no pun intended) of Los Angeles. Moved away in 09/10. If you're thinking of moving to that place. It's a shit hole don't do it. Over priced living. I now vomit at the thought of even landing in Los Angeles to see old friends. They're the only thing that make it worth it,so.... Either way I can only stand being there for 2 days before I just need to get the fuck out of that junkyard.

Positives. The food... I think that's it.

Cons everything else.

If you have a home there. Sell it go buy 3 or 4 in some other state. Use the money from the properties you rent to visit California and laugh at your friends for overpaying for a house or apartment.

Los Angeles, CA

LA LA Land
- 8/8/2018
Get out man. You wont regret it. I moved in 09/10. I didn't know how much of a fuckin Shiny junkyard it was until I left. I can hardly stand visiting that shit hole now and I was born there.

Los Angeles, CA

Crowded, Expensive and Full of Criminals! - 8/8/2018
Dude get out of California, I left in 09. I have to say I grew up in Torrance and in/around the L.A area. I vomit now at the thought of going back. I go to visit friends every now and then. Out of those 7 days I enjoy two then I really got to get the hell out of that shit out. Decent place to visit but fuck living there.

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