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Salt Lake City, UT
Not for young professionals....
Posted On: 5/3/2018 4:18:42 PM
I do not recommend SLC for young professionals. Limited dating scene, religion based and most young women are looking to have very large families quick vs. progressive partnerships where you have money and time to travel without setting down right away. Housing is limited and even expensive apartments are full of screaming kids everywhere on the property, you will be paying $1500-ish and be dealing with tons of neighbors on public assistance, I strongly recommend renting in one of the large high rise type apartments in Sugarhouse if you need solid quiet as a career-oriented induvidual. Most apartments are NOT pet friendly either, if you are moving here with pets.

Murray, UT
Turning into LA, California...
Posted On: 4/18/2018 7:32:45 PM
I am in the process of selling my condo in Murray, the area and building went from having working, clean tenants to a Mexican family of 6. The noise and trash left by the new people in the community is horrible. A friend in Murray around 47th south is selling his house because Jamaicans moved next door, rap music day night, people smoking weed on the porch. Not the Murray I grew up in and real estate is going to get affected soon. I do not suggest moving to this city, people say take the good with the bad but there's not much good left, your chance of being a victim of crime last I looked here is 1 in 12 or 14.

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