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I revel in admonishing, degrading, and placing the dunce hat upon those who are bringing our country to its knees and destroying it. Those would be democrats.


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Renton, WA

A fine town! - 9/1/2021
If you are looking for clean air, country atmosphere, friendly and cordial neighbors, and the charm of old, soothing and patriotic America, this is your best destination. Visualize yourself strolling along crystalline creeks, lakes, and passers-by with smiles on their faces. Renton is a delight in comparison to towns which are unfortunately on the fast track to becoming crime infested, litter-ridden burbs.
There are few towns where your young teens can play well within the evening without a parent hovering over them, fearing they may run into a malevolent individual, like was once the norm but no longer.
Adults and teens can be free and worry-free spirits in Renton, especially throughout all parts on the West side of town. In this area, the city has created what we here in Renton refer to as "little Eden". Our city counsel has catered to the needs of everyone here, and we all applaud them for it. Live, nightly open-air music fills the streets. Smell the bouquet of seasonal flower baskets hanging from each light pole. Gastronomes revel in fine cuisine, StreetSide bistros, vista dining on French and Italian inspired balconies. Children sing, dance and giggle with nightly mimes and friendly sidewalk clowns as well as the occasional magician, leaving both adults and children with mouths open in awe. Renton is teeming with musicians of every venue, many practicing their trade in the West end parks which are open 24 hours a day. I was fortunate enough to hear Ms. Rita Cooledge in her early years!
So, open yourself to the thought of relocating to Renton, WA. You won't regret it. When visiting, stop by the Greeztown visitor center and gather some pamphlets. For those wishing to rent temporarily before securing permanent housing, the Stonebrook Apartments is where I live, Great place, staff, and all the modern conveniences. Just ask to speak with Malinda or Maria. Good people!

Idaho Falls, ID

One of the last best places - 7/9/2021
Anywhere in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Utah are now THEe BEST places to live. There is a reason people are flocking there...to live red, since blue has driven them out due to the unlivable conditions they have created. If one chooses to escape the blue, one shouldn't ruin their new home by bringing the red with them.

Sequim, WA

We Love It Here!
- 4/22/2021
If you escaped Orange County because of how it has been destroyed by democrat rule, I hope you don't bring the same ideologies here with you to Sequim, or you'll assist in turning this town into the same place you escaped from.

Tukwila, WA

High Class Town, Expensive, Fun, A Must See! - 4/21/2021
I just completed a tour of Tukwila, and I have to say, I couldn't find a better place to bring the family for a weekend of fun. The water park is amazing! Rent a kayak and cruise Tub Lake, which is toward the NW end of SEATAC airport. If you want something a bit more thrilling, rent a ski boat and take the kids on your own wild rides! At the North East end of Tub Lake, boating is not allowed, and is reserved for freshwater lingcod fishing and burbot. We caught our limit of two lings, and cooked them at the adjoining campsite. Halibut is no match for these fish!
Tukwilla sports some of the most famous international cuisines. Cooks who have graduated from culinary arts school in Paris seek the fine (but very costly) eateries in Tukwila. While in Tukwila, don't miss the LeTraninit Opera house on old highway 99, beside the most lively sports bar in town, Trudy's Bistro, Bullets, and Bratwurst. Ride the mechanical bull, and win the Urban Cowboy award! We were fortunate enough to grab tickets before they sold out, and were in awe listening to Luciano Pavarotti, backed by the now much older Edda Dell'Orsoe who thrilled us with her original vocals in "The Ecstasy of Gold".
We wrapped up the evening at the renowned Stebner Food Pavilion, boardwalk and arcade near Foster High School...treated the kids to the finest, organic ice creamery in the Northwest! Largest waffle cones I've ever seen! The kids played on the monumental array of rides, trampolines, electronic gaming, and even tried the virtual spacewalk. Better than Disneyland by a long shot.
The only con I can think of regarding Tukwilla is how costly it is to either be entertained there or live there. It's definitely a town for the elite, much as Beverly Hills is. I wish I could relocate there, but it is beyond my fiduciary capability right now.

North Bend, WA

Democrats ruined North Bend for everyone - 4/20/2021
Tech democrats packed into million dollar cheaply built homes like so many sardines. Homes not affordable to locals, just transplants. The young adults live with their parents, even though they earn what should be a living wage. The democrats are scooping up what were once fairly priced homes and land after escaping the garbage they created down South, selling them for huge money, and coming here, inflating land and home prices, driving out locals with the economy they created and the inflation they created. No hope for our locally bred young adults buying their first home. Thanks, idiot democrats. You putrefy everything you come into contact with. Leave.

Oh, and about the stunning and insightful first response I received here...
Neither stunning nor insightful. Nor educated. California liberals bring a million dollars to North Bend from the sale of a 700sf shack they bought for $50K in San Diego, buy that big fish in a little pond home, and all of a sudden they revel in a feigned upper class? Hilarious! Oh, by the way, I grew up in another town now occupied by cloned democrats. Issaquah. I chose to live on quiet acreage, raise animals, enjoy the peace and harmony of the small town living that conservative people bring, and enjoy the relatively crimeless and favored demographic neighbors. Pants up, don't poop! :)

Bozeman, MT

Democrat Rat Race - 4/20/2021
Democrat transplants have turned Bozeman into a fetid rat race. It no longer looks like Montana, nor do the people there act like Montanans. Democrats are turning once conservative country into the same putrid place they ran away from because they act the same, have the same ideals, bring that with them, then wonder why this new place they ran to is looking the same as their last home. They have not the brains to fill a thimble.
I chose to live on quiet acreage, raise animals, enjoy the peace and harmony of the small town living that conservative people bring, and enjoy the relatively crimeless and favored, benevolent demographic neighbors. Pants up, don't poop! :)

Port Townsend, WA

Fake People Pining For The Tourist Dollar. - 4/20/2021
Transplant Californians are selling their shacks for a million, and purchasing homes here for twice what they should cost due to supply and demand. Port Townsend is a homeless infested burb, full of mindless liberals who oppose law and order, and the streets are lined with tourist "trophies" brought right off the boat from China. The place is laughable. It used to be a quaint, conservative and friendly port. Now it's tourism, fakery, unaffordable housing, and has nothing to offer. Tribes have destroyed the fishing industry, so don't count on dropping a line and catching a salmon there anytime soon. The town will take your money with a huge smile though. That you can count on.

Sequim, WA

Don't believe the latest rave reviews! - 4/20/2021
Take note of all the recent positive remarks about Sequim. Most all are either realtors, business owners, or local tribal members who own and dictate to this entire town, or transplant Democrats who are seeking more of the same company. Local people are leaving in droves, getting good money for their homes from democrats who are tainting this area, and heading to law-abiding and less corrupt towns.
We lie directly beside Port Angeles. Look at the wreck that town has become. It's already filtered into Sequim. This town is going the way of Issaquah and Bellevue...packed with homes too expensive for the local youth to buy, and pavement replacing meadows. It's a disgusting change.

Los Angeles, CA

Great Place To Stay - 3/14/2021
It's a great place to stay and never leave. Please. And...pant's up, don't poop!

Livingston, MT

Infested with malevolent transplants. - 2/14/2021
Livingston, and most all of the once conservative, patriotic, law-abiding and slow country atmosphere areas of Montana are all being targeted by the liberal masses. Those, especially Californians who are being driven out of the towns and cities they destroyed with their politics and senseless ways, are bringing that same fetid garbage with them, only to turn what was once country splendor into ravaged and overpopulated hellholes. Liberals do not have the capacity to realize they will eventually run again after the ruination of another town. Montana land and homes have escalated in price to the point that youth of those areas who are not liberal transplants will not have the ability to purchase their own home. Liberals have created an enormous cost of living and housing cost disparity. It may be somewhat tolerable if they left their refuse behind, and adopt the ways which created the standard of living they are seeking now. Instead, they create the worst of society...the drug addicts, homeless, criminals, endless and wasteful bureaucracy, disrespect for law, and pandering to illegal aliens. In general, they are a plague to our pristine and carefree areas. The largest cities are made for liberals. That's where they should remain.


Lisa, please ensure you and your friends use the appropriate BIOHAZARD containers to discard your needles and syringes. And remember. Toilets are available for a reason. Sidewalks...not so much. Another reminder. Pant's up, don't poop! ;)

Santa Fe, NM

Carnival of fools
- 2/14/2021
Excellent review, Chris.
New liberal transplants and illegal aliens are burdening locals and draining the coffers in most every once highly desirable town or city remaining. Liberal Californians destroyed their own towns, only to flee to well-run conservative states and areas which have traditionally been of average or low income, but bring with them wealth and the same destructive socialist ideologies they ran from. This brings huge influxes of new transplants and competition for space and housing, exponentially elevating housing costs which they can afford, but long time residents and their children cannot. My town is suffering the same fate. Liberals with big dollars began flooding in for the reasons I've stated, turning a once easy-paced, friendly, conservative, lawful population with affordable housing, to a democrat run town. Now we see the huge income to cost of living disparity transplants bring, crime is rampant, the law has been hobbled, and our taxes are used to feed the bureaucracy, protect criminal illegals and drug addicts instead of making the town a more enjoyable place to live. Californians...most are an unwanted and unpleasant nuisance.

Sequim, WA

Sequim is a failed town. - 2/6/2021
Forget all the prior reviews, as Sequim has changed dramatically within the last year, actually.
Since the county and city leadership turned democrat due to the the influx of transplants, liberal "values" have created a town where the police are not allowed to enforce the law, resulting in an ever-increasing amount of daily property crime, vandalism and theft. Even businesses have stopped attempting to prosecute or even stop shoplifters. I know, because people working in those businesses have told me so. Add street bums asking for handouts rather than working to the mix. They are on practically every corner. The town had a convicted sex offender begging for cash, and naïve, ignorant liberals gave him cash. The lack of law meant burgeoning and filthy homeless camps all over town. They live in old campers in store parking lots, which are ignored by store owners and the law.
Sequim and the city leaders thrive on government grants. Million of dollars worth. Grant money has funded an enormous multi-county Methadone treatment center and mental institution here. They have already broken ground on the 20 acres, and in all of their liberal wisdom, placed it smack dab in the heart of town, where 300 or more drug addicts, crazies and felons will soon be wandering the once quaint streets, coming and going as they please.
Hey, might as well mention the millions in grant money already given to begin building low-cost housing to accommodate these miscreants of society. Grant money...do you think it makes it's way to the private lives of officials? Hmmmm.
Transplants and their "stupid is as stupid does" ethos has destroyed Sequim. Instead of a lavender fest, we'll have a drugfest. Maybe a bumfest.
Just like California, here you have the opportunity to pay 1/2 a million dollars for an average home in a slum. And don't bother trying to rent or renting your home. This state makes it nearly impossible to evict bad renters, and afford little protection to the landlord.

Port Angeles, WA

- 2/6/2021
Bazaar post.

Fall City, WA

Utopia - 2/5/2021
Has a bar and an old dog. Fun times for all in the rain and mud.

Bozeman, MT

Bozeman and Montana...ruined by liberals - 2/5/2021
Liberals from out of state, especially Californians, have destroyed Bozeman by escaping the mess thy created in their own states, only to find another to mess up as well, bringing their ideologies and trash with them. Don't tell a native Montanan you are from California. You aren't welcomed there, or anywhere else. Liberals ruin every state they inhabit.

Issaquah, WA

Lot's of changes but still fun
- 2/2/2021
I recall Yellow Lake, now owned by the Klahanie development. My new analysis:
This is a place for people who enjoy areas of untouched pristine wilderness which have been scarred forever by human intrusion. I visited that lake when it was always enjoyed for the natural beauty of the lake, flora and fauna surrounding it for miles, and the sound of nothing but the wind and calls of birds and frogs. The smell of fir. No beehive existence of human habitation, signs, structures, pavement and vehicles...all replacing nature. Yellow lake has become a shameful reminder of destruction due to greed. Developer cash flows to the "correct" hands, and the fat wallets always win. Issaquah and outlying areas are one big fetid carbon footprint.

Wenatchee, WA

Wonderfully diverse - 10/29/2020
This is a wonderful place to live. Lots of sun, and Winters are not as cold as the East coast. With an enormous, thriving and escalating diversity of people, and numerous opportunities for workers in the agriculture field, it is no wonder people are migrating to Wenatchee from the fields of California and cities where cost of living is becoming so high. The Hispanic community there is thriving and provide for wonderful neighbors, connecting ethnicities in a friendly and working community relationship.

Oh, for anyone reading this, I gave them one star because they haven't replaced the English street signs to Spanish yet. We must all learn Spanish here to maintain demographic cohesiveness and traffic safety.

Fife, WA

Fife is a NW paradise! - 8/30/2020
This small suburb of Tacoma checks all the boxes for me, so where do I start?
Fife has a bit of everything for every walk of life and virtually any activity you wish to explore.
For the fisherman, the crystalline blue waters of the Puyallup River hold a bounty which is second to none. Freshwater ling cod, sturgeon, native brown and rainbow trout, as well as a variety of coho, chinook, and pink salmon are in such abundance, you may bring your children with you, and they will have the fight and time of their lives with continuous fishing action. What a place to let them learn how to angle, as as well as soak in the smells and picturesque Northwest! A little hint for those interested: Camp and fish under the Lincoln or Ells Street bridge for some shelter privacy and fishing holes which will astound the most adept and seasoned fisherman. If you enjoy small stream fishing, stake out Swan Creek in Fife. You may access this all-native trout fishery off of River Rd. East. It's a little known habitat for wild Eastern Brook trout, but the water is shallow, and the fish are weary. I have caught some lunkers upwards of 20" in that small tributary, Simply amazing. Just have patients, and your fishing trek will be greatly rewarded!
For music, fine dining, and local arts, as well as symphonies, opera, and broadway-type venues, seek the "Poodle Dog" restaurant, casino and playhouse. I have seen Taylor Swift as well as Paul McCartney perform live there. Enormous enclosed spectator area, with plush and ergonomic chairs and the newest in techno light shows and sound systems. No expense spared at the Poodle Dog!
For folks wishing to seek permanent residency in Fife, temporary housing awaits the most finicky of us. I cannot stress enough the elegance, cleanliness and fair rates at the Catalina Apartments located on S. Yakima Street in Tacoma, very near Fife. The Catalina lives up to its namesake. As you drive into the receiving area, the car hop will greet you cheerfully, and park your vehicle in a modern, fully secured, gated and security manned multi-level parking facility.
I know safety is a pressing concern for families today, but rest assured, in the Fife and Tacoma area, you have the opportunity to find some of the friendliest neighborhoods in the nation. Concerned with the children's school? Let me allay those concerns with suggesting they attend Larchmont School. There they will receive a second to none education, with emphasis on core subjects, and will have the opportunity for accelerated grade placement, which is a common occurrence in this school.
So, don't give Fife a second thought. If you are looking for a family utopia, little traffic, and country values, This is the place for you.

Seattle, WA

Make sure to visit Seattle!
- 7/23/2020
If you find wading through homeless, trash, burned out and looted buildings, gangs, vandalism, graffiti and used narcotic syringes and needles "exciting", I'd agree.

Seattle, WA

Seattle is dead. - 7/23/2020
Once a safe and clean major city when run by moderate leaders, Seattle has become a radically left democratic stronghold of rampant crime, gangs, looting riots, homeless drug addicts, mentally ill and alcoholics. The police have their hands tied by the mayor. She has stripped them of most tools required to quell the lawlessness, and they have become targets. as well as innocent citizens who they no longer can protect with authority. "Seattle is dying" was once a motto. That's no longer. Seattle is dead.

Bryn Mawr-Skyway, WA

Skyway is my paradise destination - 12/8/2019
My dream destination before my family has grown is in the heart of Skyway, WA. This exemplifies "The Evergreen State". Known for its pristine creeks and outdoor recreation, as well as beautiful vistas and community cohesiveness. Remember when you could leave your home and car unlocked and not worry? Skyway, WA remains one of those treasured places where you can feel the same sense of safety. The numerous opportunities to visit the best cuisine in the NW is right here, as well as live theatrical events, weekend writer's gatherings that are welcome to the general public, and poetry readings at many of the fine coffee shops in town. Public education there is rated highest in King county. Skyway High School churns out more headstart college students than anywhere in the state. In closing, Skyway is that place we would all consider the ultimate in family living.

Federal Way, WA

A hidden gem! - 11/24/2019
A suburb of The Emerald City (Seattle, WA), Federal Way has become yet another go-to place for affluent travelers and transplants from states all over the nation. The crystalline waters of the Port of Tacoma are a mere few miles away, sporting beaches of untold natural beauty...a place where reeling in a fresh salmon from merely casting from the beach is a daily routine for many of our seafood-loving residents. Fresh Dungeness crab are so abundant, that at low tide in port waters, they may be harvested by hand by simply checking the tide pools! Make sure you purchase the proper license before harvesting any seafood, and check for lawful harvesting seasons. Federal Way has virtually no crime of any kind, and maintains a community of shared brotherly love...A place where the neighbors will rush a fresh baked pie or maybe a small decorative shrub or tree as a housewarming gift as soon as you move in. A tight nit community is certainly evident. The smell of evergreens and the great Northwest awaits you!

Compton, CA

Compton Is A Hidden Treasure - 11/20/2019
I visit Compton each Summer. This is one of the most welcoming and spectacular cities to work. live and raise a family in. The educational system is superior to most, teach our children ethics and core values and proper fundamentals for a lifetime of success. Crime is nearly non-existent here, day and night. There isn't one part of town I wouldn't invite my children to. It's a California paradise. Streets lined with colorful and fragrant flowers tended to by the city, roadside bistros, snack bars, and an array of various fresh culturally diverse cuisines to meet any a gastronomer desire. Live music in blues, jazz, western and soul fills the air around every corner. Music artists may be heard at indoor and outdoor venues, and many are free and come as you are. Dancing of every kind may be found in a variety of clubs throughout town. Old, young...it doesn't matter. The kind and neighborly folks that occupy this town are like an enormous family, coexisting in near complete harmony. I'm planning on moving there permanently in the near future.

Issaquah, WA

Issaquah is not the same
- 9/20/2019
Class of '73 here, Victor. The place almost brought me to tears when I came through to revisit some old haunts. The town is no longer. It's been completely destroyed, as well as everything for miles around it. Very sad.
I was fortunate enough to meet the wonderful Mr. Bohem way back when his candy shop was one of the biggest attractions in Issaquah, and all those St. Bernards in their cottage dog houses.

Issaquah, WA

Issaquah has vanished. - 9/20/2019
Issaquah WAS a 5-star place to live, play, work, own a home, and raise a family. That was up until the late '70s and early 80s. Issaquah was a country utopia for over a century. My parents moved our family to the plateau in the late '60s from the cesspool called Seattle, to live the country life. It was paradise of unspoiled farms and wilderness. I recall ice skating on Yellow Lake one very cold Winter with my family. The lake was accessed by a very rough and narrow dirt road, and we rarely ran into anyone during our ventures there throughout the year. Locals living on Beaver Lake had mostly modest homes, some not much more than large cabins. Downtown Issaquah wasn't even close to "bustling". It was quiet, slow-paced, folks knew one another, and people smiled. The high school mascot..."The Issaquah Indians". I've heard that neurologically deficient PC flooded the area and changed the mascot to The Eagles. Indians were brave and strong. Hence, the name. Seattle and California transplants thought otherwise, as in not thinking at all. I will never visit or live in Issaquah again. Issaquah is gone. Just another quaint little town turned into a fetid cage of self-serving, soulless, scurrying rats feigning to be humane, in competition for space...or the newest Mercedes, . Welcome to a Stepford town. :(

Helena, MT

Terrible climate to live in.
- 9/20/2019
Is nothing a vegetable or fruit?

San Francisco, CA

Playground for the elite and the hapless - 9/2/2019
Typical city with democrats at the podium. If you enjoy mixing the high-income elite, mixed with traffic gridlock, daily crime, gangs, homeless people defecating and urinating in public, business people who cannot communicate using the English language, illegal aliens, and governmental non-support for law enforcement agencies and ICE, it's a great place. There is no place for the middle class American to survive in a meaningful way here. You may add San Fran pandering to criminals, drug addicts and alcoholics more than they do ethical business owners. Overpopulation and exorbitant housing prices are a plus as well, if you are into that. This left coast city taxes at will and forces unconstitutional state laws upon their citizens and disregards federal laws. It's a sickly community. Stay away, or you may catch the liberal cult disease.

East Los Angeles, CA

Why I Love Inglewood In Los Angeles - 6/16/2019
If anyone hasn't been to the Inglewood area of Los Angeles, they have missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime! I love this place. Crime is almost non-existent, day or night, and the ambiance of this neighborhood is breathtaking. I moved here 10 years ago from Maui, and Inglewood beats Maui life beyond measure. Fine dining, recreation, fresh air, diverse cultural experiences, and friendly people are the norm here. I've seen some of the finest art in the nation here. Infrastructure is perfect. Open-air sidewalk coffee shops and bistros almost have a hint of old Italy to them. I see pride in this area everywhere I look. Streets and public parks are a collage of beautiful landscaping...flowering trees and exotic plants. The air is ripe with pleasant bouquet. Why visit anywhere else when you have Inglewood?

Sequim, WA

- 6/13/2019
Yes, I've changed my mind about Sequim. I've also noticed an abundance of senior citizens wearing their ball caps reversed, cluttering up the tattoo parlors, and the 94 year-old men are buying up any man-bun wigs available. These seniors are abusing alcohol, meth, weed, and wandering aimlessly about town after escaping their memory wards. It's going on 24/7! Seems geriatric patients comprise 100% of this population. Sequim now scares me. I may leave. It seems you made a prudent decision by never coming back to Sequim. I'm considering Seattle, where I can shoot heroin without fear of the law, and be with other millennials.

Seattle, WA

Great city
- 6/5/2019
Seattle is a cesspool city, period.

Seattle, WA

Dead City. - 6/4/2019
Sick city. Dying city. Too many drugs, homeless, murder, rape, drive-by shootings and gangland activity. Panhandlers and hapless people litter the streets and sidewalks, defecating, urinating and littering where they reside, directly in the path of visitors and residents. The stench is overwhelming. This city was once a utopia...a fun place...a safe and interesting place. It takes the "special" out of everything when one must be vigilant 24/7. Watch your back in Seattle. You couldn't pay me to visit or live there.

Tukwila, WA

Nice place to live
- 4/23/2019
Yes, Tukwilla is beautiful, friendly and nearly a paradise. Crime-free, little noise, and the city is perfection in its culinary specialties which abound. The night life at the Derby Tavern is phenomenal. People there are warm and greeting. The place has been there for decades, and draws crowds of people seeking fine dining, brews and entertainment. The Duwamish river runs close by as well, and offers some of the finest wild trout fisheries in the nation. Its crystal-clear water is a haven for Summer river rafters and kayak aficionados who want to challenge the many stunning white water rapids. Make sure to book a guided fishing trip on the Duwamish well in advance. Outfitters are booked solid most all of the fly fishing season.

Tukwila, WA

Nice place to live
- 4/23/2019
Yes, Tukwilla is beautiful, friendly and nearly a paradise. Crime-free, little noise, and the city is perfection in its culinary specialties which abound. The night life at the Derby Tavern is phenomenal. People there are warm and greeting. The place has been there for decades, and draws crowds of people seeking fine dining, brews and entertainment. The Duwamish river runs close by as well, and offers some of the finest wild trout fisheries in the nation. Its crystal-clear water is a haven for Summer river rafters and kayak aficionados who want to challenge the many stunning white water rapids. Make sure to book a guided fishing trip on the Duwamish well in advance. Outfitters are booked solid most all of the fly fishing season.

White Center, WA

White Center Is One Of My Favorite Destinations - 4/22/2019
White Center, WA is a bustling and entertaining suburb of Seattle. This is where I go to visit art studios as well as listen to live, local entertainment and enjoy some of the best street-side eateries in the Northwest. The coffee shops offer fantastic live story tellers and the ambiance of the town is absolutely stunning. Here is a place where crime is so low, you can walk the pristine parks and eat from fresh food vendors in the late evening without a care in the world. The local folks in White Center are welcoming, educated, and usually talented in the arts. This is a fine little city!

Sequim, WA

Sunny Sequim
- 3/12/2019
This IS a paradise. The NW ambiance remains here, where it has been lost in places such as Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue, Issaquah, North Bend and all other areas saturated with crime, street people, endless traffic gridlock, and high taxation to pamper the takers instead of applauding the movers and shakers. We wave at our neighbors here, and allow folks to actually merge into what traffic we have, instead of creating road rage with the rat race me-me-me attitude. Don't come here if you disagree with values, morals and country.

Sequim, WA

- 3/8/2019
Living wages are readily available for those who have chosen a path to it through education or skilled trade. This town was built through hard work and community. It isn't a place to search for unwarranted hand-outs.

Sequim, WA

- 3/8/2019
We've seen a massive influx of transplants from all over the nation. The fact is that there are few Sequim-born locals here. Most of my neighbors have moved here from S. California to escape the crime, smog, traffic, and high taxes there. True, this area used to be mostly a retiree haven, but that is a changing demographic. People come here to live. How can you not, with about every recreation available at your doorstep, and the most sunshine in all of W. WA?

Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, WA

Seattle is a wonderful playground for the hapless. - 3/7/2019
If you enjoy traffic gridlock, daily crime, gangs, homeless people defecating and urinating in public, business people who cannot communicate using the English language, illegal aliens, and governmental non-support for law enforcement agencies and ICE, it's a great place. You may add Seattle pandering to criminals, drug addicts and alcoholics more than they do ethical business owners and high wage earners. Overpopulation and exorbitant housing prices are a plus as well, if you are into that. This left coast city taxes at will and forces unconstitutional state laws upon their citizens and disregards federal laws. It's a sickly community. But if you want to live the safest and most affluent neighborhood in the area, relocate to Skyway.

Sequim, WA

A Place For Successful, Hard Working People - 11/18/2018
There is a reason the population has increased here by nearly 90% growth in the last 17 years. People want to live here. Sequim's infrastructure is finally catching up with the population. In addition, I am seeing MANY more young families living here. People want to raise their children away from the city crime and pollution...as well as being in a community which is strong in family values. This is place where people are active and love the mountains, rivers, trails, ocean and straits...and the entertainment and peace they provide. No, it is isn't inexpensive to live here. But people who do live here can afford it because of their hard work to achieving financial success, whether it be through formal education or trade. We love people who earn their keep.

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