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I am a professional faux finisher. I recently moved here from Houston, TX and plan on building a foundation for my company in this area. I'm in my 50's, married and a Jehovah's Witness.
I love my life!


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Richmond, VA

Richmond has possibilities - just an opinion - 1/5/2008
So far I see the possibilities of growth in this area, having moved here several months ago.

What I see as a problem is that alot of folks here spend alot of money (since I work in retail) - yet, they may be overextended on their credit - which could hurt them in the long run.

If folks would concentrate more on keeping their neighborhood areas upgraded and the city looking attractive - instead of worrying about how 'they' look in comparison - there may be some good news in all of this. Neighborhoods here seem to be lacking in cleanliness - "hood" kids seems to run rampant in a few of the malls - and so far, I've seen more overweight people here than any other city I have lived in (such as Houston, TX). Mostly among the middle income - eating out seems to be the entertainment exercise among many.
Beware of Buffet restuarants - they are the demise of the human race!

The weather is pleasant most of the year, even with the heat and humidity. And comparing that to Texas, it's a far cry from being bad. So, you would think more people would involve themselves in outdoor activities.

What I have seen lacking has been good musical venues for the baby boomers, piano bars or light musical places that are not 'rowdy-type bars', better restuarants are few and far between, and more upscale department stores. There is some interest going on in the Petersburg area that I have looking into with their Art scene, etc. The possibilities of more coming in are happening slowly. They are out there, but miles from one another.

With the pros and cons, I find this area promising, and hopefully it will have the job market to inspire more growth. If a person wants to start their own business - be sure to have a cushion to fall back on. It will happen, but just not right away.

News is that there are major companies transferring to this area in the upcoming years.


Chester, VA

Chester VA - What a lovely area - 7/3/2007
I just recently discovered a little suburb of Richmond, called Chester.
Yes, it is small and not much going on in that area - but if you want a peaceful area to live - it seems pretty ideal.

I went to Wells Realty, was greeted like I was one of the family, and that is fine with me.

For the most part - the areas outside of Richmond are green, and farm-like. IF you like quiet back roads, and peaceful neighborhoods - then you've come to the right place. Most businesses are within a 10 minute ride - there seems to be all the necessary places within the Midlothian area - Starbucks, Krogers, Dillards - it's all there, with a new metropolitan feel.

If you want hustle and bustle - go to the city! There's enough historical value and tourism to keep you occupied. It's the quiet that is hard to come by. You have your share of both in this part of the country. It's no wonder folks are looking for this sort of scenario.

I just hope it doesn't turn into another Washington DC, or Houston, TX - over populated and under-appreciated. It's good to find an area where people are proud to call it Home, and they seem to keep their premises nice and clean, for the most part.

My husband and I 'rent' - but that doesn't mean we take advantage of someone else's property, we both work, and strive to keep our living conditions better than average. I think most folks should take that kind of pride in their Home, even if they rent.

We're looking forward to the lovely seasons, the beaches, the countryside, and calling our Place - Home!

Asheville, NC

I'm moving from Texas...Asheville can't be THAT hu
- 6/5/2007
Hello - After 4 years of constant heat, we are leaving Houston, TX!

We are leaving the Backed-UP highways which are treacherous..., roaches, mosquitoes, and an over-abundance of Cultures that prefers to camp out on their front lawns barbecuing, parking their 1/2 dozen trucks on the Front Lawn, speeding at 85 in a 65 mph zone, blaring their music on boom boxes with words I don't understand, cutting you off because they don't understand turn signals, and being told that I NEED to learn the language if I want to survive!

Summer begins in April and ends in November - Winter is about a month long and dreary (but the only repreive from hot weather so it's a welcome sight.

There is nothing to do in Houston but shop, eat out, and it's 5th on the scale of most obese state in the country.

So - tell me how Asheville can beat that - I'm sure there are some good things to say from all the complaints I've read.

Thank you,

Carlisle, PA

Carlisle PA?
- 5/14/2007
My husband may be transferring to Carlisle, after 4 years of Hot Southern Living in Texas - I am looking forward to being back in PA.

But I've never been to Carlisle. Tell me about the town, what's good, what's bad -

Since we are coming from an area that has become predominately Hispanic (Texas 65% Hispanic), we are curious as to the demographics of Carlisle.


Pittsburgh, PA

Tell me about Pittsburgh's outer areas - Small To
- 4/1/2007
Our family is interested in moving to Pittsburgh - we're middle income hard working folks who long for the slower pace, but still need an economically stable area that a city offers.

SO - we're thinking of MOVING to small towns around Pittsburgh. Which small towns have an artistic community, High $$ communities - which are more Mom & Pop areas (farms), and which are just bustling little towns?
Are there any areas to avoid?

I'm an artist - Faux Wall designer - AND my husband is more along the lines of a Blue/White collar worker. We like older historical type homes, small farms, and are seeking an area we will eventually retire too - it will be our first and last home.

Thank you for your time!


Pittsburgh, PA

New to Pittsburgh - and hitting the road for a vie
- 1/28/2007
Hi - I'm flying into PA and planning a visit, and have heard a lot of good things about Pittsburgh. Though it was once a brunt of some negativity at one time - I am wondering how has it changed over the past 20 years?

I live in Houston, TX - for the time being. And I have met LOTS of folks from Pittsburgh...who actually wish they could make it back to the Burgh!

So - for a newcomer - where's a good place to begin my tour of the area? What towns outside of Pittsburgh - would make for a nice visit?

Houston, TX

My 3 year stay in Houston
- 12/28/2006
Much as changed in Houston over the past 15 years, that upon moving back, I was surprised over how much the area of Spring Branch had 'gone down'. As much as there were spatterings of new buildings and houses, the overall look was predominately ethnic. With that came a different look: trashy streets, people hanging on apartment door stoops, low income apartments, and an ongoing sound of police and fire engine vehicles at all hours of the day. More than once I almost was hit by someone cruising through their red light. So close I could see their face, as IF I was the one in the wrong!
Housing prices are going down in spite of other folks buying up double lots, and placing monstrosity of a house in it's place. It's like seeing night and day in appearance. My brother lives there - over 25 years - and over the past 10, his neighborhood has become predominately filled with low income families. The development looks shoddy in comparison to how it was back in the 90's. His wife is begging him to move out - and out of Houston.

I've been living in the Woodlands for almost 6 months - can't say I was impressed. Housing may be cheap - but also, you are living in a cheaply made house. My home is over 25 years old - I don't think it will last another 25 without some major renovating. I've lived in 100 year old houses with better staying power!(in the Northeast Atlantic region). Sure the prices are lower here - but so is the paycheck too. I may $2 less per hour than when I lived in PA.

Not much to do, unless you don't mind travelling an hour (or more) to get there. The main entertainment for this city is going out to eat (I gained 30 lbs the first year in living here) - shopping, shopping and more shopping...lots of malls... Their parks here are shabby and not kept up as nice as some northern regions of the country. Due to the crime, I would be afraid to walk there without a chaperone.

A person could become very disappointed in time. And NO, you will never really get used to the heat or mosquitoes. With all the influx of people, developing of bigger highways, and more subdivisions, it's no wonder there is such a problem with flooding and pollution. If you can afford a better life than most - you can afford to live in an area that is affluent. That is small in comparison to the rest of the rat race down here.


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