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Saline, MI | 2 Review(s)

Lived in four states in my life.


Life Stage: Family with Children
Occupation: Hospitality/Tourism
Enjoys: cooking, reading, family, travel


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Reviews & Comments

Ann Arbor, MI

As expensive as Portland, Seattle, outskirts of Sa - 2/8/2012
It's great here if you're going to the University. Otherwise, there is no reason to put up with 6 plus months long winters, 100% cloud cover for 3/4ths of the year, FREEZING cold weather and overly humid and mosquitoed weather for 3 months and very few job opportunities combined with VERY little to do. Sure, there's the hands on museum and a couple small things to do- but really, this is not enough (for me) compared to other places to justify the cost of living here. The gas prices are some of the highest in the nation, housing costs are RIDICULOUS, and you NEED a car or two in a family to get around due to the lack of transportation. It's not uncommon to pay over $2000 a month just in Morgage or rent for a house in Ann Arbor, plus don't forget the $500-$1000 on top of that for a car or two, then add you're utilities. NYC is the same price! For what??!

Michigan, MI

Depressing, dark, not much to do, flat, no big cit - 2/8/2012
Don't move here, trust me. I've lived in NY, NJ, NM. ALL of them were far better choices. Now I'm stuck in MI for near a decade and it feels like a decade spent wasted. I'm indoors ALL THE TIME just like every other resident. People from here try to defend this state with it's "beautiful four seasons" but come on- MOST states have clear four seasons without the extremes that michigan experiences, such as PA, New Jersey, New York, Vermont, Connecticut, Virginia, and about a dozen more. It's as if the folks here believe fall and winter dosen't exist outside this state! As for wintery fun- sure, if you own a snowmobile or live near where there are man made mountains for skiing, because there is no mountains in michigan. I've barely even seen 4 hills, and I've been up and down, west and east across the entire state. I've been to every "major" city and there's just nothing here folks. There's a few pockets with money and shopping etc, like Auburn hills, but you have to have loads of money to live there- and why would you, really, when you can live in California or somewhere more pleasant for the same cost?! I live outside Ann Arbor. Ann Arborites have a superiority complex because they feel they are "so cultured" due to the University being here. But I work with the university for 8 years. Great as it is- ALL the students MOVE out of state upon graduating. Why is that? Because there is no jobs and no one wants to live here with actual skills. It's gray all the time- there's less than 100 sunny days a year. The winters are between 5-and 7 months long, and the summers are so humid and mosquito ridden you'll hide inside then too. Snow? that actually dosen't happen much around here. I am shocked after a near decade to report that out of all the states I've lived, (except NM) I've seen far less snow here than anywhere else. The lakes are pretty, sure- but LOTS of states have lakes, by the thousands- take NY for example, or the ocean coastline in New England. There is nothing here. NOTHING. The only people that love it here have family. That's understandable. If you don't, take you're money (By the way, Ann Arbor is as expensive as Parts of NYC to live in) elsewhere.

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