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Chicago, IL

Low quality of life. City & state broken. - 11/8/2018
I agree with some of what you say but disagree on the Mass Transit..many many many city dwellers here don't own or need to own a car. There is an extensive public transit system in Chicago. There is public transit..bus and train from the West Side.The architecture IS beautiful. There is nature..um. heard of Lincoln Park? The 606? The Gotest Preserves and yes that big beautiful lake that is easily accessible by public transportation. I do agree 100% about the police corruption, and I agree too many people just accept it. The city is a mess..a beautiful mess but a mess

Chicago, IL

Calm down - take a chill pill
- 11/8/2018
Your post says you live in Burr Ridge..which is a FAR burb of Chicago..totally different lifestyle then those of us that live in the city. I have to agree with many here. The city and state are broke. The weather is poor (cold winters,humid summers) it has political, racial and corruption issues. Housing is reasonable but there are a lot of taxes..ie: bottled water 5cents per bottle, a bag fee , tax on prescriptions, etc etc. Yes it is a beautiful city if you sre only in the tourist areas. Yes to great museums and theres always something to do..a great place to visit but not a grest place to live

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