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Beaufort, SC

Living in Beaufort - 10/17/2009
First off- I am living in Beaufort due to my husband in the Military and we are both originally from California.
When we first moved out here we were in SHOCK!!! There are no metropolitan things & really not much to do in this little city. All of the people we met told us that the town sucks and there is nothing to do anywhere within 30 miles. However, knowing that we have to live here for the next 2-3 years we've decided to look for things to do locally & found some decent stuff. Downtown Beaufort & Ladys Island are nice. Unfortunately, there are NOT many options for shopping in this city, you'll have to travel almost 40 minutes away to get to the nearest Target :( & if you are coming from the West Coast, they have never heard of Del Taco here, haha.

I have read many of the city reviews and yes there are many downsides of coming to Beaufort- the drivers are indeed crazy ( I have almost been run off the road twice from someone switching lanes) & there are many accidents. There are quite a few of rude locals, mainly the Wal-Mart employees. You must travel outside of the city for most things. & for administrative personnel like myself, there are not many jobs.

However, there are many good things about living in Beaufort opposed to a big city- no city traffic at ALL times of the day, peaceful living, clean beaches, the palmetto trees are GORGEOUS, the weather isn't too bad, there are MANY places with warm welcoming Southern Hospitality. & you can now say you've lived in South Carolina :)

I know it can be a real jaw dropper coming from the hustle and bustle of the West Coast but give it a chance to grow on you, like I said we've only been here a few months but we'd better make the most of it if we have to be here!

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