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Greenville, SC

Moving here was the best decision we ever made. - 6/7/2019
I couldn't disagree more with all these negative comments. My wife and I moved down here from Ohio 9 years ago. We now have 2 small children and we love Greenville! The climate is so much better than the north, the winters are very mild, very little snow and you'll get nice days in the 60's in january. The heat is a little intense in the summer, but very tolerable compared to 6 months of winter in Ohio. Downtown Greenville is beautiful, safe, and bustling with things to do. I got a good paying job that didn't exist in recession riddled Ohio. We are grateful for the nice life we have here.
The culture here is a bit different than up north but i haven't experienced anything that some of these negative posters are speaking of. In my opinion there are jerks everywhere and I would advise you to stop seeing racism/bigotry in every negative interaction you have. The very definition of bigotry is not liking someone because they are different than you. Just because someone goes to church or voted for Trump doesn't mean they are bigoted or stupid. Just because somebody makes a snide comment doesn't mean they are racist and even if they are it doesn't mean the entire local population is racist! You are the ones being bigoted when you pre-judge somebody by their religion or who they voted for! And I say this as someone who is not religious and didn't vote for Trump.

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