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Minneapolis, MN

Great retirement location - 1/2/2020
My family has lived in Minneapolis since 1910; first my great grandparents and then my grandparents. My father was in the military and we lived all over southern U.S. states; whenever he was sent overseas, my mother, my siblings and I would come back to Minneapolis to stay with my grandparents. After my dad retired we returned to Minneapolis and lived because jobs were plentiful here and my dad was still young enough to work full time. When I married, we moved around to a few cities, Milwaukee, Ft. Wayne, back to Milwaukee and we searched for a place we wanted to retire, mainly in the south. No city matched the Twin Cities (Minneapolis & St. Paul) for the quality of life we wanted. We are close to the MSP airport so traveling is convenient. There are high quality medical facilities here, including satellite Mayo Clinic offices. Housing costs are reasonable although, there is a shortage of some types of facilities at the moment. There is little wait time if you want to dine out at a nice restaurant plus there are a wide variety of dining options available. The crime rate is low compared to other larger cities. If you are still working, there is a very low unemployment rate so jobs are available, both skilled and unskilled. Winter weather can be cold but if you like winter sports there are ski slopes and cross country tracks available throughout the area. There are also ice skating rinks available so if you dress warm, you can get in a lot of physical exercise during the winter months. If you aren't an outdoor person, there are lots of theaters available to enjoy plays and movies; lots of pubs to enjoy a beverage with your friends. With all these pluses on our list, we retired in 2015 and moved back to Minneapolis and love living here.

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