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Portland, OR

Ppl Like PDX Because Being Sh*tty is Enco - 2/22/2019
Whoa, I sure hope you got the hell out of Portland. Peace man-try New York, Washington D.C. CA, or Seattle! Wait, head to Wyoming-great women there!

Portland, OR

Keep Portland Weird but Beautiful! - 2/22/2019
I've lived here for many years and loved it! Could I afford to purchase a home here today-nope! Getting harder and harder to meet the high rent which continues to go up. Worst traffic, housing is outrageous (compared to CA, Hawaii, Washington D.C. or Seattle), gasoline prices are higher, and school ratings are low and over crowded. Too many people who are trashing the state-Portland used to have clean rivers, parks, streets and highways-litter is out of control. Cost of living continues to rise; yet some rate it a good place to retire. ??? People move to Portland for so many reasons and then get upset with the infrastruture, (year-round road contruction) housing, crowds, lack of parking, traffic, etc. Our bridges are old, the roads need work, roads/highways need to be widen, etc. Road rage is out of control and patience is out the window. Traffic speeds are never adhered to which causes more tailgating and aggressive drivers. Compute times are off the charts. Big corporations have purchased the majority of property and now we have a huge congestion of condos and apartments. Rent is off the charts unless you have two to three people paying. A couple of weeks ago we had snow and people panicked and cleared out the grocery stores (??) Wasn't the end of the world-not sure where they lived before-the City didn't shut down. It was just snow and only a few inches. Hello! Oregon is a beautiful place but homelessness is dreadful and only getting worst (tents, trash, needles, human feces-stairways smell of urine}. Mental health issues are high. Portland City is constantly moving the homesless people to different locations and it's only getting worst. Walking is dangerous and more hit and runs, crime is more noticeable. A seven year old little girl was just struck on a neighbor road-speeding. Great bicycle City-which creates aggressive vehicle drivers. They want you to share the road, but they don't nor do they pay for all the bike lanes, etc. No licensing or any fees collected for bicyclist. Oregon has several laws that need to be revamped; old and outdated. Some areas car theft is high and Portland doesn't do anything about it. Portland has changed-stated we'll become the next San Francisco. An additional 200,000+ will be moving into the Portland Metro Area over the next 5-10 yrs. Looking to relocate within the next year; sad to see the old, clean Portland disappear! If you are moving to Portland, bring lots of patience.

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