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Bend, OR

LOVE IT! - 4/6/2021
I lived in Bend for 8 years with my wife and 4 children. We recently moved to Cape Cod and are now moving to St. George Utah. ( We are Gypsies and give our kiddos a chance to see the world). I LOVED Bend. Yes..it is expensive and the homes are unreasonably overpriced however the quality of life you get from the place outweighs the extra work required to derive a great quality of time. We have nothing but fond memories of Bend. The locals are all too keen to point out they like the town before the new residents came in and "Ruined it". By ruining it they mean making it a shining example of what a small town is capable of being. There are some backwoods morons here like anywhere else and they get frustrated that the roads are paved now and that people use the Deschutes river for enjoyment rather than floating logs and dumping their trash into. It is a virtual Paradise on Earth with wonderful all year round activities. If you love beer....for god sakes just pack up and move now. It's an amazing Beer mecca. I suggest you go to visit and see for yourself. This is an amazing town with diverse and young population that are extremely friendly. If my wife ever suggested we move back I wouldn't miss a beat in relocating. Also Prineville and Redmond the 2 surrounding towns are not exactly as wonderful as Bend. We had a house built for us in Redmond and I had more Auto break ins there than I had living in South London! My son had his car stolen right out of our driveway there. So...stay in Bend if you go.

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