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Tulsa, OK | 13 Review(s)

I plan on moving to the west somewhere just don't know where.


Life Stage: Family with Children
Occupation: Manufacturing and Production
Enjoys: travel, hiking, music, family..


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Reviews & Comments

Oregon, OR

re: The worst city in the US - 4/6/2007
- 12/26/2009
two kinds of people in portland crazy and crazy

Tulsa, OK

re: very low unemployment rate 3.85% - 6/18/2007
- 12/26/2009
it use too have low unemployment..

Oklahoma, OK

oklahoma point of view - 12/26/2009
the people here are o.k. not the nicest or the rudest. jobs use to be very easy to find, now they are not so easy. the culture here is o.k. But that's about it. oklahoma city and tulsa is were all the museums and nightlife is at. lots of casino's if your in to that sort of thing. hills and plains dominate the landscape here. eastern part more trees, lakes,and hills, western part more barren and flat. with some various changes in landscape throughout the state. overall it's o.k. BUT that's about it.

Glenpool, OK

glenpool is growing - 12/1/2009
glenpool is a nice suburb 8 miles south of tulsa. it has a lot of building projects still going on. a new conference center, and a new three story conference center with adjacent hotels. cityofglenpool.com
overall not a bad place to live. people are pretty decent, nice parks, lots of new houses for sale at a good price. only 30 minutes from state parks and 8 minutes away from the new tulsa hills shopping center.

Lawton, OK

lawton could do better - 8/17/2008
went to lawton to check it out and i thought tulsa was bland and bad. lawton is a smaller city and has a huge problem with crime and gangs as well. i have never seen a place like lawton before. dirty , wore out stores, nothing to do , no big box stores, resturants were dirty and limited on selection, most of the stuff in lawton is what you would find in a town of 20,000 to 30,000 people. not in a place with 90,000 people. this place is going to need a major influx in the economy to keep people from leaving, which it looks like 5% of them already left. can't say i blame them.. lawton oklahoma future ghost town.......

Bartlesville, OK

very nice setting - 8/17/2008
bartlesville is nestled in the osage hills and foothills of the ozarks, with lots of outdoor recreation. it has two good sized lakes to the north [hulah] and [copan]. osage hills state park, wah-sha-she state park and the tall grass prairie preserve. hi-way 10 is a beautiful scenic drive. nice place to take the kids, or to get a quiet get-a-way..

Tulsa, OK

STAY AWAY FROM TULSA!!!!!!!! - 1/31/2008
tulsa is a lost cause. it has nothing any sensible person wants except for shopping(wal-mart) and some really crappy resturants. entertainment in tulsa does not exist, everything from amusement parks to arcade go-cart places are history. the city is losing population daily from this city just sucking, the crime here is terrible, the weather is hot and humid and sticky because of the mosquito infested arkansas river. oral roberts university keeps control of the media, radio, and the small minds of peoples pocket books. tulsa is very bland, boring, and seperated from the real world. if you come to tulsa get yourself a gun, crackpipe, and bible and you'll fit in just fine.

Stillwater, OK

very limited choices. - 1/29/2008
stillwater does have some unique qualities about it though, but for a city of 50,000 people it just does not have a very good choice of resturants, shopping, or recreation except for oklahoma state university programs. you will find some very distinct antique shops and old downtown style stores, famous resturants, which shows the stillwater history and I think is very cool. overall stillwater is growing and getting a lot better. new stuff is popping up all the time all over town.

Lincoln, NE

lincoln is stink'n - 10/6/2007
i lived in lincoln for a couple years and did not care for it. the cops there suck you can be walking at night and a cop will pull you over to see what you are doing. they also like to drive up on your bumper behind you to get ready to pull you over for something stupid. hey if you like staunch cops and a city that likes to live in a police state, than lincoln and nebraska is the state for you.. No HUSkERS YEAH...

Harrison, AR

harrison is a very nice town
- 4/19/2007
it has ozarks everywhere you look and is cheap. jobs are getting better, but the pay stinks. the outdoor lover will go crazy for there is endless out door recreation. and is only 25 miles from branson missouri. i miss that area. but will come back to do some serious hiking..

Little Rock, AR

northwest arkansas area has more going for it, tha
- 4/19/2007
there is more jobs, more upscale stores, dining, etc in the fayetteville-bentonville area.
and it is the 6th fastest growing metro area in the nation. so i would for sure check out northwest arkansas first before the little rock area. plus the crime rate in n.w.a is 10 times lower and one of the safest metro areas to live in. so check it out. rogers is a great city with lots of develpment.

Ogden, UT

ogden is cool
- 2/25/2007
went to school at weber state. love utah mountains, want to move back.
p.s don't go to oklahoma stay in utah..

Joplin, MO

joplin is ok. but check out bentonville-fayettevil
- 2/25/2007
check out northwest arkansas area first. bentonville, rogers, springdale, fayetteville area is 110% better.90 miles south of joplin

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