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Boston, MA

Do you want to feel poor?! Come on down! - 10/4/2021
I moved to MA from the country of Georgia in eastern Europe. Then traveled quite a bit in the U.S. Boston definitely has its own flavor. Suburbs offer okay schools, overpriced living, racism and close minded people. The city of Boston itself has different areas to check out such as; The North end, Downtown, Chinatown and the Southie. If you're very well off and can protect yourself from people you'll be fine and find housing. If you make anything less than $100K a year, you my friend will end up in the South Boston area and constantly fight off rats in your apartment and men trying to kidnap you outside of your apartment. Don't even get me started with the weather, doesn't take much research to realize you're in for a cold, depressing 9 months in NE. Long story short, bellow find some pros and cons and don't forget moving isn't simple! Always visit the area for at least a month if you can!

Pros: Historic, stunning hiking areas within a couple hours (if the weather permits), good healthcare if you can afford it (You will die if you have Masshealth, the waits for the doctors they work with are wild and forget about it if you need therapy or any mental health attention. You're better off finding your higher power!) BUT on the bright side lots of job opportunities. So you can pay to survive(ish).

Cons: COLD and depressing, overly populated, WAY too expensive, everything is always 30-45 minutes away from you, people are money hungry and rude, too competitive for me. I think this world has enough for everyone there's no need to hurt someone else to get what you want. It's the culture here, any means necessary to win, schools had crazy parents coming after the kids and work has people stomping on each other for the promotions.

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