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Houston, TX

Way too hot. - 7/28/2018
I moved her 6 years ago for a job. I lived in Seattle for 13 yrs, and before that was raised in northern California. If beautiful surroundings mean anything to you, you will not be happy in Houston. It's just ugly. It's much too hot for most of the year, and even in the winter months, when the heat cools down, it's still humid. I get this gross slimy stuff on my windshield in the winter months. It's very limited as far as outdoor recreation is concerned. The beach is absolutely disgusting and because of the heat hiking is out - IF they had any hills or mountains to hike on, which they don't. I miss that a lot - being able to get outdoors and hike or go sailing without getting heat sickness.

Houston, TX

- 7/28/2018
I hate Houston so much. The poor city planning, the pot holes, the nasty humid heat which lasts at least half the year. I'm so jealous you get to leave! I'm bored out of my mind.

Houston, TX

Decided Houston is not for me
- 7/28/2018
I hate Houston so much. I totally regret moving here. Now I feel stuck because of job issues.

Pearland, TX

Think twice before moving here
- 7/25/2018
Totally true. It's 2018 now, and the probs described are still a problem.

Bellevue, WA

Gorgeous place to live with a lot of recreation - 9/4/2017
I've lived in many different places in the U.S., and I loved Bellevue. Gorgeous mid-sized city with views of the cascades and beautiful lakes.

Houston, TX

re: Please read FIRST if you are thinking of movi
- 9/4/2017
The allergies are the WORST. I know a ton of people who had to go on meds after moving here- they had never had allergies before. I moved here from Seattle and felt like my sinuses had been hit by a mack truck.

Houston, TX

It's way to hot and way too humid! - 9/4/2017
Summer really lasts for about 6 months here. That would be great, except summer means horrible heat and humidity. You feel trapped.

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