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Reviews & Comments

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta is not a good place to live
- 9/17/2019
You're living in Austell, Georgia writing a review about "Atlanta". This is NOT Atlanta. There is a Austell board to write a review on that town. This skewed and about as incorrect as someone living in Jersey City, NJ writing a review about NYC!

Charlotte, NC

For Heaven’s Sake!
- 9/10/2019
Southern hospitality isn't a myth...it's means to be welcoming towards outsiders, not exactly to be polite towards them. If you want "polite" people move to the Midwest. If you want "southern hospitality" move south.

Boston, MA

Boston gets a bad reputation
- 9/10/2019
This comment made me laugh. I'm a native southerner, that did live in Boston for some time and everyday that I lived there, idiots picked fights with me. The implication that southerners are untamed inbreds is ludicrous. So many northerners, move south to escape their own politics but call us hillbilly's.... Laughable

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta getting worse
- 7/17/2019
"It's getting worse" everywhere. Atlanta and other major US cities are seeing the same things. It's just not Atlanta...it's the economic decline America is going through. Inflation, stress, poverty, overworked people, stagnant wages is what causing so much stress in the life of Americans. If you move to LA, NYC, Chicago, Dallas, etc. The same thing. Smaller mid size cities are even experiencing the same things. Atlanta is getting more crowded because people are moving there for jobs from places that are even worse

Oklahoma City, OK

- 7/17/2019
True...you have to be suspicious of a city and state that has so many fake positive reviews from real estate agents and brokers desperate to sell properties to outsiders who don't know any better about this place. No one in their right mind would want to set up business in a state as intolerant, car based, low quality of education as Oklahoma. This place is brain draining

Oklahoma City, OK

High Standard of Living; car-oriented - 6/26/2019
You're obviously not a minority. There isn't a such thing as "Tolerance" in Oklahoma...and the Okie friendliness is FAKE. I've seen more genuine friendly people in Seattle than in OKC

Boston, MA

Overrated - 5/15/2019
I rated "Just Okay" because Boston did offer a few things that other cities didn't. The schools are good, the public transit is OK and it's proximity to NYC is a winner. Other than that, I wasn't totally charmed about it. I don't understand why people refer to Boston as being a "Major city". It's obviously NOT. It's a medium sized city camouflage to look like one. I couldn't believe how fast your business got around there. The jerks being rude towards outsiders for reason whatsoever because I'm from the south. At least southerners aren't a bunch of arrogant idiots. I found it judgemental, arrogant, boring and intolerant towards American native-born blacks and Latinos. By 10pm everything closes the public transit shut down. Crumbling infrastructure, horrid traffic, bipolar drivers, not enough food and restaurant choices. On Sunday, nothing is opened at all or it opens after 12pm. I'm assuming Boston intolerance towards minorities born in the US is due to it being a "Sanctuary city". Fine. I wouldn't waste my time living in a city that wants to be NYC, boring, racist and so left wing it rejects diversity. There's other liberal but conservative city that offers more nightlife, diversity and culture. I think Chicago, Austin, DC, Seattle and even Atlanta is more accepting and offer more entertainment. Boston isn't worth it

Omaha, NE

Lived here twice.
- 5/15/2019
"Avoid the North because the blacks are ignorant and vicious" Racist much. It's no wonder why Omaha and the entire Nebraska will always be a flyover dump. It's easy to judge a entire group of people instead of racist, oppressive system in Nebraska itself

Atlanta, GA

It calls itself a city.
- 5/1/2019
You've obviously have never lived in any city West of the Mississippi...to think Atlanta is a "Big suburb"

Tulsa, OK

A cesspool of misery - 2/8/2019
If I could rate zero stars...I would most definitely will. This is the most backwards, hateful, nasty, backstabbing town that I've ever seen in my life! Oh, did I failed to mentioned racist? Especially, in their good o boy hiring process they have here for jobs. Even their temp agencies use it and actively discriminate against anyone that has a iota of brain, morals and just happened to be born of color. White meth trash is all over the place with prejudice and bigoted attitudes. The people aren't even the slightest genuine. They use fake smiles and enthusiam...only for you to learn later they backstabbed you. They wouldn't know what human compassion and honesty meant if it slapped them side the face. They lie to you in your face, dumb, stupid hicks...while they profess to have "southern hospitality". First of all, there's nothing " southern " about Oklahoma. True southern states have much friendlier and genuine people. This place is another Midwestern hellhole. It's no wonder why they call themselves thieves aka Sooners.

If you want to ride public transport downtown to see a play? What public transportation? If you want to stop by a package store and grab a bottle of wine before heading home after picking up the kids? Guess what!? You cannot! Because children aren't allowed in liquor stores even when accompanying their parents! This is a state that just started selling strong beer at convenient and grocery stores. The police force are corrupted good o boys...believe that. Poverty about as extreme as Cambodia. People steal, lie, cheat, bully so much here it's about as normal as a person going to bed at night. Women, are treated like yesterday's sewage here. I never saw so many abused women anywhere else in my life. They look beaten down by life, drugs and mental illness.

You will be treated like a outsider just as long as you're here. Friends? Good luck on meeting anyone here that has goals and interests. I just love how the Okies defend this Tulsa from criticism from outsiders. But, can't see past their backwards bigotry. Okies are the only people on here to respond to anyone being critical of their state. I can give a fair point of view of my experience living there without being hated??? I've made plans to leave this place within a year. I still have faith that America is still a great country that believes in freedom for all but it just isn't in Oklahoma.


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