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Tucson, AZ
Posted On: 3/13/2011 10:03:32 AM
I was born and raised in Tucson, I moved at 19 i've been to hawaii , florida, chicago, california, london and prague. In comparison Tucson is not a world class city. Tucson doesn't have a whole lot of opportunity for growth and great success. It just doesn't. Tucson is not for everyone. Neither are the afore mentioned cities and states. People like tucson because it's slow, it's lazy and non competitive. Its a small town disguised as a "growing metropolis" Tucson has unreal landscapes and great weather. It gets hot in the summer, we're in the DESERT. It's manageable. You use the a/c in the car and the a/c at home. Drink water. Wear sunblock. We don't have to shovel snow or worry about earthquakes ,tornados , tsunamis, crazy humidity did i mention shoveling SNOW?! This town is for people who are tired of high strung fast talking people who are money hungry and busy trying to keep up with the joneses. I liked Chicagos food and music scene but I got burnt out on how high strung everyone was all the time and how competitive people were with the house and clothes and where there son or daughter is getting married and how much her dress will cost yada yada yada.... Things I was taught were taboo to talk about seemed to be ok to talk about there. Money money money. Here, its slow. We drive slow, talk slow. Hell we even think abit slower haha. Are schools suck. That's true. I was lucky enough to be private school educated and even that was questionable. If you plan on staying here then the quality of education is sufficient for the types of jobs you can get here. I think that speaks for itself. My point is that Tucson actually does not suck. The people here are very nice and relaxed. I have conversations with everyone from people seated next to me at upscale restaraunt to bums on the street! They're all nice and friendly! And YEAH there ARE bums! Why wouldn't there be?! The weather is good enough year round that they can sleep on the streets and not die from exposure and like I said, people are friendly so they DO actually give out spare change. If you wanna have a quiet house thats still in the city, always near good food and only a couple mins away from grocery stores and theaters at all times. Then tucson is for you. Yes we have a mac store, versace, and world class resorts so were not totally archaic. We also have taco stands open till 2 am, dive bars where u can get a can of beer for a buck and a bad side of town that really isn't that bad believe it or not. You can walk down there at night and probably NOT get mugged. Over time city planners have been trying to make tucson something it will never be: a big corporate run town. Corporate doesn't quite work here. Tucsonans love to support the small business. We have a small town mentality. If you want to live in a small one bedroom casita and drive a crappy car and get a dead end job because your tired of high strung life, guess what? NO one will care, you will still make friends out here and they will be the same quality of friends you would make if you lived in the foothills and drove a nice car. Its laid back for sure. With that said I do have to say the kids here are idiots. Parents, if you have preteens and teens tell them that tagging is a dying trend and only dorks do it now, it's so ten years ago ;) Find them a hobby and show them where the off button is on the t.v

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