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Las Vegas, NV

Tourist Trap, But Not for Living In. - 12/29/2018
Highly recommended if you want to do nothing but drink, gamble, club hop and shop. Otherwise, avoid. AT ALL COSTS. Vegas is a cesspool of garbage. A friend and I moved out here from Cali two years ago, as the cost of living was (unfortunately) much too high for us and Vegas seemed convenient. With a rapidly escalating cost of living and a rapidly decreasing quality of life, we're regretting our decision to move here. Sorry, but we aren't used to brain-dead zombies with corroding souls. People that worship this place must do nothing but drink, gamble, drink and gamble. Then sleep.

If you're interested in hockey, you'll find a bit of a community here. Golden Knights fans are pretty enthusiastic. Outside of hockey, though, unless you're some highroller at a casino or a member of a golf club, good luck with finding a strong, welcoming community. People here are pretty ugly-and I'm not talking about on the outside.

Unless you're into 350+ days of sunshine, with barely an inch of rain, the weather's pretty boring. December gets pretty icy, but count on temps rising back up January or February.

Okay, let's cut this thesis paper down to the pros and cons.

Pros: Summerlin, Henderson and Centennial areas (quiet, family friendly), the libraries

Cons: The people, the escalating cost of living, nothing to do outside of shopping/bars/casinos/Red Rock Canyon, people in traffic, 350+ days of sunshine

Don't forget high unemployment rates, second hand smoke for us non-smokers, deadly car accidents every five minutes and high car registration fees!

Fleeing California? Find another alternative. Texas. Arizona. Something in Washington. Do NOT choose Las Vegas.

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