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I'm 60 this year (2009), raised and lived at the ocean in S. California almost my entire life until 2005 when I moved to Colorado with my husband and teenage step-son. We settled in Castle Rock and have been here for four years. We're now empty nesters since our son left to live in California after graduation this year. I am retired but my husband isn't. We try to RV as much as possible. I hope, with my newfound freedom from raising children, I will make the time to try writing, which I've always had a desire to do, and to learn to play the violin (fiddle-type music really). I'm Irish. I love nature.


Life Stage: Empty Nester
Occupation: Retired
Enjoys: gardening, off roading, RVing, reading, movie buff


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Castle Rock, CO

living in Castle Rock, CO - 9/9/2009
We've lived in Castle Rock for 4 years. We moved here from Redondo Beach, CA. Be prepared for some adjustment when making that big of an altitude change, but it's not that bad. The dryness is also something to be reckoned with, especially if you're used to a lot of moisture. But now it's actually difficult to go back to the ocean -- just feel sticky all the time. Castle Rock is a beautiful place to live but it's growing very fast. Population has doubled since 2000 (according to Sperling data). The roads are not bad, as mentioned by a 2007 review on Sperling, unless you're not a good driver. Winter can be tricky. The I25 has been undergoing improvements here in Castle Rock, with an effort to keep up with the population growth, etc. The cost of living is getting high, however. If you're thinking of moving here, or anywhere between Denver and Colorado Springs, be sure you understand what an HOA is, because most of the housing is HOA. This can truly be a difficult adjustment. But the difference between a crowded city of about 70k, where there is literally no open space (unless you happen to be lucky enough to live across from the ocean), and a town that includes non-buildable open space in all of it's neighborhoods, makes the move so worthwhile if space is something you're yearning for. In our opinion, Castle Rock, CO is a very nice place to live.

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