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Louisville, KY

snobs - 4/18/2017
Well, I wrote a post for Louisville earlier, but I'm not sure if it posted. So if this post sounds like another post I did, it's because I didn't think my first review got posted. So I will apologize for that.
I would like to comment that Phil's post is absolutely true and I appreciate his candor. Louisville is very racist and there is a lot of social pressure to maintain this racism. When I lived there during my high school years and young adulthood, I was often ignored or excluded, because I was Asian. My impression is that anybody who is not white is treated this way. I have heard a couple of mumblings from different persons in Louisville that Asian people are there to take advantage of welfare or funding programs. My parents have never accepted any welfare or any kind of free money. Even though my brother is disabled and could qualify for disability funding, my parents never thought of applying for or accepting any type of funding for my brother. All my parents ever did was work. To tell you honestly, I think people just start these rumors just to have an excuse to shun or look down on other races and this is due to social pressure. If you are a white person seen associating too much with persons of another race, you may be excluded in different social circles, as well.
Also, there is a great deal of competitiveness in this town. People are continuously sizing you up on your socio-economic status and who you know, so they can decide how to treat you. Also, people get jealous, so you may be talked down to, as well, if you have too much going for you. I have been asked before who my mother and father are. Basically, this question is to help the person determine if you come from old money, so that individual will know if he/she should even be seen associating with you.

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