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Tucson, AZ

One of the worst if not the worst place in the US - 7/2/2020
This whole city is a total slum from one end to the other. Extremely boring too. And way too hot.
Only places that compete with being as bad and as boring as Tucson is Carson City Nevada and Lake Tahoe.

Eureka, CA

Probably the armpit of the Pacific coast - 7/2/2020
The Pacific coast is beautiful however this is probably the least beautiful place on the Pacific coast. Town is a dump and very seedy too. On the plus side you go about a half hour north or south and you get into some jaw droppingly beautiful scenery and giant redwoods.
Still there are much better places on the Pacific coast you can stay.

Reno, NV

There is worse. But there is also much better too. - 7/2/2020
At least it's better than Carson City which is the most boring place on earth.
It's also a lot better than Lake Tahoe too which is also extremely boring and the most overrated place on the planet.
Still there are much better places than Reno.
But hey if you're coming from Carson City or Lake Tahoe it's downright exciting and upscale.

South Lake Tahoe, CA

Meh. Pretty boring - 7/1/2020
Pretty boring town. Very run down and seedy too.
Lake is nothing special either.
I much prefer the Pacific coast or even the Atlantic coast or great lakes.

Crescent City, CA

Nice place to visit but not to live - 7/1/2020
Beautiful scenery and good hiking and camping. Swimmingly and rafting in rivers is fun. Trees of mystery is pretty fun too. However the town is pretty seedy and downtrodden.

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