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Port Angeles, WA

terrible. - 6/11/2018
I came here from upstate NY a year ago to what was sold as "heaven with very, very little crime". I arrive here to find no housing available, a bigger drug problem that anywhere else I've ever seen and zero jobs outside of healthcare or tourism. The property crime is out of control. I have lost thousands of dollars of property including a bike with a 50$ cable lock that was cut like it didn't exist. I came here to serve a community as a professional healthcare provider and was repaid with a bitter disappointment. The weather is VERY stable, 34-64 degrees with rain/ full overcast 5-7 days a week, year round. The view is wonderful, the people are passive aggressive and miserable, DUI is unbelievably common along with deaths and injuries that go with it. Ferries and bridges are realistically the only way out and are often down, late or crowded out. Back woods mentality and alcoholism and/ or drug addiction seems to be a requirement here. I will be leaving the millisecond that I can.

Port Angeles, WA

Drug infested, dead economy, terrible wet weather. - 6/11/2018
I came here from upstate NY a year ago to what was sold as

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