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Denver, CO

Just my opinion. Denver is awful. - 8/16/2015
Like many people I made the mistake of moving to Denver too. If you are going to give me the knee jerk reaction of "if you don't like it leave," let me explain. I moved here to be with my now ex wife, not because Denver appealed to me. I have been here for years and am not part of the current population influx. Keep in mind, Dever ranks in the top ten for suicide rates. In my opinion it is depressing.
Let me start by saying that unless you are an outdoor person, you may not like it here. The physical fitness culture here is stifling. The bicyclists in their spandex pants consistently get in the way of people trying to get to and from work. This city is like a billboard for "Northface."
The landscape is ugly and brown for much of the year with a lack of trees. The architecture is atrocious and the suburbs are so ugly that it is beyond belief. Cookie cutter houses with zero character defines most of the suburbs. Apartment buildings that were built without thought being given to aesthetics. The city of Denver itself has some very nice neighborhoods though. Southwest Denver has a lot of charm.
I realize that traffic in Denver is nothing compared to New York or LA but unless you live close to work, you will spend a lot of time commuting. This place is very spread out. Public transportation is quick if you are in Denver itself. Outside of Denver, if you are going any distance, you are in for a long ride. A 15 mile commute to work could be two hours on the light rail and/or bus. They are expanding the light rail here but because the area is so spread out, it probabaly will never be efficient. Commuting an hour each way to work here is common.
Stay out of Aurora and Commerce City are the armpits of metro Denver. To me, Aurora is such a depressing place especially Mississippi and north of. Once again, ugly architecture, lack of trees, crime is fairly rampant, litter everywhere, and truly has zero character. Ugly strip malls with hoodlums everywhere and houses that make me want to gag looking at them. Aurora and Commerce City are total dumps.
The food here is very lacking. People here think that chain food is "quality." Mexican food is good here but that is about it. Denver itself has some good family owned restaurants but the suburbs are mostly chain food. The natives here are so proud of Chipotle being from Denver. Chain garbage!! Who puts rice in a burrito? Chipotle!! Cheap filler to destroy a burrito. Let's not forget Noodles and Company which is another chain restaurant from Denver. Trash!!!
The food here is atrocious.
There are rude and snobby people everywhere but Denver really is a very rude place. Some people actually have "native" bumper stickers on their vehicles. So what if you are a "native?" What do you want? A cookie? I understand that the influx of people from other places has changed the culture and politics for the worse but why brag about being a native? I just laugh at it. People here are in their cliques and overall it is very unwelcoming. I have had people be really nice to me until they find out that I am not from Colorado. It is so preposterous. The out of state people here are the majority of the decent people that I have met here. People here are very aloof and lack backbone. They are so timid and afraid to speak up. Just my observation on many of the people that I have known. I don't know if it is the lack of oxygen or what?
Denver's suicide rate speaks volumes of the place and the people. They will try to blame it on the lack of "services."
They will also blame it on the fact that our culture tells men to not "express their feelings" so therefore they don't seek help. Hogwash!! Nowhere in the U.S. is it considered acceptable for men to express their feelings. Denver is no different except that it sucks plus the lack of oxygen. Now people are moving here for the marijuana!! What a bunch of losers.

Colorado, CO

Denver is horrible - 8/16/2015
Stay away. It sucks

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