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Butte-Silver Bow, MT

A few comments about Butte, MT - 1/11/2010
Small town lifestyle here in Butte. The people are friendly. Shopping choices are limited. To go to Costco, it's 68 miles to Helena or 84 miles to Bozeman. Same with Home Depot. Climate is mistakenly identified as many days of sun per year. Mostly overcast weather with 9 months of winter. The last frost of the year is in June or July, and the first frost takes place in September. The rainy season takes place summer, with lots of lightning storms. Weather is unpredictable, and can turn on a dime. Property prices are low, and employment is limited. On the plus side, absolutely no problematic traffic, and when you drive in any direction, you will see miles and miles of open spaces. Extremely limited in neighborhood parks or closeby outdoor recreation, and it would be too cold to spend much time outdoors anyway, unless you are really determined. Very few choices for activities for children. A bright spot is Rocky Mountain Martial Arts, a wonderful Taekwondo studio. Large shortage of homes in excellent condition and new homes. Much of the town was built 100 years ago. When the mine closed in the early 80's, it devastated the local economy, so many homes have not had good upkeep. Might appeal to a person who likes a very small town. A gardener's nightmare, with hardly any growing season and very limited selection of plants and trees that can take this severe cold.

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