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Life Stage: Family with Children
Occupation: Healthcare - Other


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Ocala, FL

Skip the city, go to the forest
- 12/18/2019
Ocala which is one very small part of Marion County (Marion County is HUGE!) is close to a ton of Eco friendly destinations. There is tubing, kayaking, paddle boarding, canoeing, boating, fishing, swimming on the Rainbow River, Lake Weir, and many other rivers, lakes, ponds and freshwater springs. We are also a very short drive to the Gulf where the saltwater fishing rocks! We also have the brand new World Equestrian Center, zip lining, skate parks, bike parks and trails, the Cross Florida Greenway, OBS & horse track, Ocala Jai Alai, many play place parks for little kids, duck ponds, trampoline park, bounce house park, YMCA, public swimming pools, etc. For older kids we have many paintball, air-soft, & laser tag, options. We also have remote control car, plane & drone parks, many basketball, racketball & tennis courts, soccer & sports fields. Within about only hours drive you can also arrive at the gates of all the major them parks in Orlando and Tampa and many professional and collegiate sport arenas. I don't understand how anyone can say Ocala is boring or nothing to do when there is so much more than most other places. We have Airports, indoor & outdoor open air shopping malls, many movie theaters, restaurants, car dealerships, gyms, clubs, pool halls, pubs, bowling alleys, colleges, etc. Even John Travolta & Kelly Preston moved here!

Ocala, FL

Don’t bother
- 12/18/2019
Are Confederate flags (southern pride and all) not displayed in all the southern states and towns? I thought right wingers are everywhere except CA & NY! You must not be aware that many of them are moving to Florida trying to escape the high tax fiscal disasters & entitlement spending they voted for and supported! You need to visit Orlando and watch the 1-4 parking lot while they TOLL you if you think Ocala has a traffic issue. Low pay is everywhere if you don't have an education, trade, or skill (clean up on isle 4, ding fries are done!!) LOL! Real crime was the Cuban crime wave in Miami during the late 1970s and throughout the 1980s (proving what unchecked immigration can do!), all the LA gangs, and all the mobsters up north, you must not know what true crime is.

Ocala, FL

Why I Choose to Make Ocala Home - 12/18/2019
I have lived in different parts of FL from Miami to Live Oak. I have also lived in NH, VA, & SC. I have also made many extended visits to GA & TN many times in different seasons. I have resided in Ocala for the past 30 years. Ocala beats the snot out of ALL the large cities in FL (Ocala is meduim size) because our cost of housing is far cheaper, much less traffic with NO tolls, & less crime, central location to get to all the hot spot tourist traps, just far enough from the coast to buffer hurricanes and high insurance premiums. If someone states Ocala has crime they did not experience Maimi during the late 1970s & 80's or even lately! Ocala has access to more places and things to do within an hours drive than about anywhere else in the USA and you will not find better weather except for mid July - mid Oct but that's what all the water, shade trees & A/C is for. For the value, it is hard to beat Ocala.

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