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North Attleborough, MA

North Attleboro is Like a Pricier Attleboro, eww. - 12/11/2018
I've lived in North Attleboro for 6 years. Born in PA, raised in "regular" Attleboro, moved to North after college. North Attleboro has a pretty downtown. The restaurants are tasty but high priced. The yoga studios are only low priced if you compare them to Dedham's. House prices are excruciatingly high for the tax rates. There's quite a few tear downs in town, and even they are hard to come by for under $200-300K. North Attleboro is much closer to Providence than it is to Boston. A Boston commute, like the one I'd made the past four years, takes over an hour during rush hour, whether you go by car or train. And it's really pricey to commute into Boston every day. Exhausting, expensive, and you'd be better off living somewhere less expensive with a better jobs outlook. There are barely any professional industries in Boston, so every job is a 25+ minute commute. I'm probably going to move out of town in 2019.

Boston, MA

- 12/11/2018
What Gretchen meant is, "A dichotomy of staunch New England townies, preppies and Brahman intellectuals and Alternate therapy non conformists, wiccan new age hipsters and blue collar sports fans" with hourlong commutes unless their trust funds are in the 7-figures. Residing in rat-infested apartments with multiple roomies. Never getting married or having kids because the student debt is $$$$$$$$. Healthcare is the only part of Boston that's below the national average. Everything else is +++ money. Sure, Boston is pretty (for a couple months in the summer), but the cons outweigh the pros.

Boston, MA

If you like high taxes and poor weather m - 12/11/2018
You forgot the rude personalities. Bostonians' hearts tend to freeze over in the winter, and their tempers are so fiery in the summer. Pair it with lengthy commutes and cost-prohibitive real estate, and it's NOT the best place to live and work. Not even close.

Boston, MA

Boston..one of the 10 most overrated citi - 12/11/2018
Wow, Rob - you read my mind. After 4 years working in Boston and its outskirts, I'm exhausted of the commute and lousy excuses for "professionals." I'm ready to take my foreclosure law job search elsewhere, and actually afford to live within 38 miles of my job. The pairing of pricey commutes, shitty winters, rude colleagues, and entitled pricks has simply done me in. Sadly, even Dot and Southie are well above my price range, even when I *was* working full time.

Boston, MA

Ya know what?
- 12/11/2018
Driving an hour plus in snow commuting into Boston and its outskirts these past 4 winters has me convinced I need a new job search parameter. I've had it! Sure, the low crime rate is nice. But it's not the best city to work in anymore, and I could never afford to live within 40 minutes of it. The commute is what really kills it for me.

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