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Life Stage: Retired
Occupation: Law Enforcement/Security Srvs


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Gastonia, NC

Life in Shelby
- 9/12/2006
Nice place to visit but....

I don't live there but WAS looking in the area for a home. I was there in 7/06 and from what I understand from a FEW locals I talked to there the big problem is crystal meth (yeah drugs) One of them even reffered to the county of Cleaveland as the meth capitol of NC. Drugs usually fuel a high crime rate and this town has a rating of 7 for voilent crimes! I was told that a few days before I got there that in downtown Shelby two young ladies were robbed at gun point and relieved of 2 whole dollars.

I noticed when you drove through the town and went in to the residential areas that you could go one block either way and change from a very nice neighborhood to what appears to be ghetto! Imagine wlaking out your back door and having to look over the fence at a meth deal going down...

Waldorf, MD

Life here bites
- 7/27/2006
It's hot and sticky and the traffic doesn't move....Everywhere you go it's a crowd of people. I don't think anyone in Waldorf cooks at home anymore. If you go to dinner there's a line, if you go to a movie you might not get a ticket to see it. Crime is everywhere burglaries, robberies, homicides, most is drug related. People are rude to each other and they are really rude in traffic. It wouldn't be so hard to get around if everyone would obey the traffic regulations. People!!! don't enter an intersection if there is NO room for your car on the other side! What makes you think you're so special that you can block the intersection and keep others from going where they need to go??? What makes you so special that you feel it's ok to park in a fire lane in front of a store so your passenger can go inside while you wait???

What a bunch of self centered egotistical non-caring butt heads there are in this town. I'm looking for a nicer place to live....

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