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Chicago, IL

Underrated - 4/16/2022
This place is so underrated. I just want to thank all the people leaving as you are making it cheaper for me to move in.

Phoenix, AZ

I pity anyone who wants to move here. - 4/15/2022
I have lived here my whole life and it used to be not be as busy as it is. It used to be a state where old people would retire in this state and used to be cheap. To put it bluntly, I have always wanted to leave this city but now, I have to leave now. Absolute rude people, worst drivers, political extremists on both sides, bad weather, and everything negative about America is seen in this valley. This does not goes to only Phoenix but the whole metro area. I can not afford to live in this city anymore. This place is a lost cause and honestly I pity anyone who wants to move here. Only good thing is that Phoenix is surrounded by gorgeous nature but to bad that is spoiled by the people living here.

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