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Ann Arbor, MI

Dreaming of moving to Charleston, but worried I'm - 10/9/2014
My husband and I are sick of MI winters and are ready to move to the South. We fell in love with Charleston on a trip a few years ago. I literally have been dreaming of living there ever since (like many others.) I think we'd love the weather, beaches, recreational opportunities, music, art and theatre scene and the rich culture & history. And also the amazing restaurants! We were SO impressed with the top notch restaurants there! We are in our mid-thirties with a 1 and 4 yr. old and finding a good job won't be an issue (because I've spent hours on job boards and see there's not a ton but a few good job opportunities for us.) I see us living in Mt. Pleasant or maybe Daniel Island since some of the best K-12 schools are there. Our budget would be around $ 500k. However, I worry that because we're from the North and have a more moderate to liberal political perspective, that we might not fit in. Are we going to meet some like-minded young families in Mt. Pleasant? Or are we going to have a hard time meeting people? (We are both very active and outgoing and meet people easily!) Reading some of the reviews scare me...horrible bugs, Southerners being superficial to the Northerners, etc. The bugs I can deal with, it's more the people and fitting in I'm concerned with. I'm guessing it's like any place and it's what you make of it...and we'd probably find our niche just fine. But let me know your thoughts! :)

Brighton, MI

Great place to live! - 10/8/2014
Brighton is a great place to live. On the plus side, Brighton (Livingston County) is beautiful with lots of lakes, trees, parks, hiking and biking trails, etc. GREAT schools. It's a fairly low cost of living housing-wise. You're about 50 min. from Detroit so you have access to the culture & activities that a big city has to offer (shows, musicals, sporting events, great restaurants, casinos, etc.) But Brighton itself is a charming small downtown with the conveniences of the large retailers about 2 min. away from the charming downtown. The only downside is: harsh, long winters and Brighton isn't that transient and so most people that live here are from here and have lots of family and friends here already. (Seems slightly less easy to meet people vs. when we lived in Chicago.) Also, there are not many ethnic or outstanding restaurants if you're a foodie. But Ann Arbor is about a 20 min. drive and offers a ton more options.

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