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Minneapolis, MN

Weird People - 10/25/2017
It's pretty cathartic reading the other reviews and realizing I'm not only one super uncomfortable with Minnesota space alien culture. I've lived here for 14 years and never felt like one of them, which is a good thing as my goal as a person is not to be a sheltered, passive aggressive, artificially folksy bag of powdered milk in human form.

Upon relocating to a suburb here at 15, the first thing I realized is that I would NOT have any friends. Since I was not a 3rd generation Norwegian with a cabin up north, a car radio set permanently to Prairie Home Companion reruns and a 5'10 blonde girlfriend made of Bakelite and Starbucks vanilla lattes, I just gave up on meeting people and went to the library to study during the lunch hour. The few shallow acquaintances (which is all you are allowed to have if not born here) I had just called me "Iowa kid" cuz, of course, I was from literally a state away making me extra despised.

Over a decade later, I have taken on enough of their shallow, circumscribed culture to be enough of a pillsbury doughboy (minus the sincerer personality) to kinda fit in and have decent career. So I'm giving it 3 stars! For great bike trails, lots of high paying jobs, beautiful lakes and clean streets. Maybe someday real people will move here. Probably not though.

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