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Evergreen, CO

Cool foothills town, commutable to DNV and skiing - 3/9/2017
I lived here for 11 years, '97-08. Great little town, quiet, neat old main street, etc. Only problem, depending on which area you live in is this: Every jack-a-mole moved to EVG then they buy a dog. They put the dog outside and it gets in the neighbors trash and barks all night long. Jeffco and Clear Creek Counties ordinances are weak, so having ANY power in getting stupid neighbors to quiet THEIR animals is futile. Buy a house on 40 acres, and put it in the middle.

Bullhead City, AZ

Scariest place I have ever lived- meth and "homies - 3/9/2017
I moved to BHC in July (UGH!) out of necessity. Some background: I have lived in beautiful Evergreen, CO (80439) and PDX (97219) whioch are the coolest small town and city EVER...and I have lived, in total, in 7 states. Bullhead is a really cruddy place, and here is why: Cheap housing is king, and I'd NEVER buy a "real" house here, as it is SO depressed. I got into a liveable manufactured home on its own lot (no rental fee$ to a "park") for under $16k. But the neighborhood is SO scary. Guy down the street looks dead, sells meth. Grown men in their 40's and 50's riding kids BMX bikes around. Why? They spend what little they have on meth and can't afford a cruddy car, insurance gas. Homies arguing in front of my house @ 3:30 AM on a REGULAR BASIS. And Wally-Mart? Every other person is on a scooter cuz they are too fat to walk cuz they eat chee-tohs and drink cheap vodka. Lots of retired military living on their gummint pensions. Burglary and assault are regular occurrences here. If I could afford it, I'd get out. Will sell my manu house in 5 or 10 and go mobile, deep deep underground boondocking. Recession took my former gorgeous house and all my retirement $, so BHC for now, but I can't wait to get out after just 6 months...

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