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Raleigh, NC

America is not a nice place to Live
- 6/2/2007
I agree and have seen this social services system snatch kids out of good families. My prayers to you.

Riverside, CA

response to teacher comments
- 6/2/2007
Riverside does have a well known School for the Deaf. My daughter had been in special education since 3yrs in Orange County where the regional program is fantastic so was sent to school pathologists and good school programs specific for her needs. When we moved to Riverside, the learning disabilities system is pathetic, unacceptable. Jefferson school she was put in is one of the worst. Overcrowding, kids with severe disabilities are not separated from minimal disability kids so the learning is the same and poor. The teacher she had was aweful and we had to have her transferred to a Montessory school instead in Riverside.

Fountain Valley, CA

nice but expensive
- 5/20/2007
fountain valley is nice but very expensive. Average home price will run you around $700,000.Beaches are close by. People are okay but no sense of community or sense of belonging here.

Riverside, CA

You don't want to live here
- 5/20/2007
Riverside is great if you like expensive homes 400,000+, congested traffic, unsafe schools, and no community spirit. People are indifferent or downright unfriendly. I would not recommend Riverside for raising a family in. There is not much to do other than eat and go the the movies. Condos are popping up all over and the once beautiful hills and expansive land is being overridden by overcrowding.

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