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Austin, TX
Get some perspective, people
Posted On: 3/15/2017 12:14:17 PM
Wow. Like lots of other rating sites, it seems on this one there are some commenters who really relish complaining and whining for paragraph after paragraph. So....like every major city Austin has pros and cons. It is a liberal hole in a conservative donut politically speaking. It is creative and lively, with a lot of young people, fantastic restaurant choices and great music of many genres. It has museums, symphony, ballet, and some great cultural events in SXSW and ACL. There are nearby wineries, microbreweries and distilleries. If you live close in enough, you will enjoy all these things without dealing with the horrible traffic congestion. Yep, Texans love their cars and the mass transit is nil. If you want to save money and live out in the burbs, you will be in monotonous big box land. Austin is expensive, real estate wise. A some others note, the laid back weird Austin of yesteryear is rapidly disappearing so you will look hard to find it. There is definitely a California influence here now in the dress, architecture, and so on. However, contrary to some other comments people here are friendly, gregarious, and outgoing. If someone is rude, it's highly likely they're not from here. The weather is fantastic October-April, and hotter n hell in the summer. The lakes are beautiful, the beer is cold, and there are scorpions and snakes. I have lived in Austin for 45 years -nope, it's not Nirvana, but it's pretty damn good.

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Austin, TX

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