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Mason City, IA

Looking to Relocate to Mason City?? - 1/17/2013
I am from the area originally and have lived several places. I recently moved back from Arizona. I moved back to help with my elderly parents. If I did not have family in the area, I probably would not be living here. There is not a lot to do or places to go, other than go out and eat and watch TV. They have a beautiful golf course so if you are into golf summers are nice, although does get humid some days. If you have no family or a support system of friends, a person can become isolated easily if you are not a joiner. People are friendly, however, not very trusting, esp. to new people. Also, I noticed there are prejudices and people who are quite judgmental here. If you are from the area or know someone, you will do okay here. Good jobs are hard to find, and nice housing is difficult to find, meaning many homes were built in the 50's. I believe income levels are below average for most individuals who live and work here. Sorry for the negative feedback, however, I lived here 25 years ago and when I came back, I saw very little change from when I left the area. Good luck in your search for a new place to live.

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