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Fort Myers, FL

Nothing but golf, unbearable heat and phonies - 4/9/2021
I've lived in SW Florida on & off for most of my life. When my family first came here over 40 years ago the waterways teemed with fish & wildlife and the beaches, particularly Sanibel & Captiva, along with Thomas Edison's winter home were the area's big tourist draws. Schools were ok, there wasn't much crime and business and job opportunities were easy to come by.

After years of corrupt city, county and state government decisions, unfettered growth with no thoughtful planning and sweet public/private contracts are awarded with very little oversight, usually way over budget, not to spec and in need of a redo almost as soon as they're completed, we have some of the worst schools, beaches where you should think twice about letting your kids swim at, crumbling infrastructure, an outrageously expensive housing market, almost no full time jobs and rampant crime.

There is absolutely nothing for young people to do here except drink, we get no major concerts,there are local theaters but tickets prices are astronomical. This is no place to raise a family, there are no kids activities and most people who come to the area don't stay.People in the area are very transient and very grifty. Watch your back.


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