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Newberg, OR | 2 Review(s)

Born and raised in New Jersey. Joined Navy in Jan '88. Completed 9 yr 1 mo in Navy. After being out for 2.5 yr, signed up and completed 5 yr in Navy Reserves. Have lived in Florida, New York, South Carolina, Washington, and currently Oregon. After a recent vaction in Leavenworth, WA intend to retire to that area - IF I RETIRE.


Life Stage: Family with Children
Occupation: Installation, Maintenance, and Repair
Enjoys: Camping, Hiking, Star-gazing, Hunting, Fishing, Wildlife-Watching, Wildlife-Photography - mostly non-mototrized outdoor activities


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Reviews & Comments

Leavenworth, WA

If you like wildlife, well worth the trip! - 11/14/2018
Had heard a lot abot this town and recently spent a 4-night vacation (stayed at the local KOA) here - what a place! Many wonderful shops and restaurants, beatiful buildings! I'm 100% German, and have visited relatives there a few times, but not since '83 - this place makes me homesick for there. Other acctivities we did while there - visited the reindeer farm, took a day trip to Lake Chelan and took the Lady of the Lake boat trip to Stehekin and back, and did a wonderful hike on Icicle Gorge Trail. Lots of wildlife! Frequently saw Mule Deer and Wild Turkey, and also saw Bighirn Sheep near Entiat on the way to Chelan. I've frequently told people that I'll probably retire when they start shoveling dirt on me. However, with my current job I may actually get a chance to retire and if I do, I intend to retire in this area. Leavenworth itself is somewhat expensive, but retiring to Cashmere, Wenatchee, Entiat, or Chelan a disticnt possibility.

Salem, OR

Great Neighborhood
- 1/3/2007
We've enjoyed living here for the past 2.5 years. Most neighbors are friendly and wonderful, plenty of kids of all ages, no troublemakers among them. The schools are great, and feel this is especially so as my step-son is both ADHD and Asbergers, and he getting the instruction he needs to succeed and he has made substantial progress here, and especially if you compare it to when we were in Mill City, where the main problem wasn't that there wasn't faculty eager to help him, but getting him properly diagnosed. As much as we've loved it, due to the chronic string of bad luck we've had since we've moved in between both of us going through periods of unemployment after wrongful terminations, our situation is looking grave and we looking at losing our house.

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