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Indiana, IN

Avoid this black hole. - 10/27/2021
Lived here my whole life and have tried like hell to leave. It's difficult though because it has to be the cheapest place in America to live, but that also means the pay you get is much lower too. So saving to move to a better state where the cost of living is much higher is very difficult. Indiana is a vacuum. A black hole that sucks you in and keeps you there. Well paying professional jobs are rare. So if you get one, hold onto it like grim death. Despite what some think, there IS stuff to do here. Indy is a metro area just over 2 million and there are shows, sports, bars, restaurants, events, etc just like in any other medium sized city, but it won't "wow" you. The problem is the over abundance of redneck, racist, white trash in the surrounding areas and their Trump loving, demolition derby disposition. It's insane. Seriously if you are considering moving here you need your head examined. There might only be 3 or 4 worse states in America. Why my parents chose to root us here is a mystery I haven't been able to solve as there are no redeeming qualities to Indiana. Heck, it's not even a pretty state. Mostly flat with corn and soybean fields. As David Letterman put it, it's a minimum security prison with a racetrack.

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