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Dallas, TX | 6 Review(s)

Semi retired, business owner


Life Stage: Mature Single
Occupation: Business Opportunity/Investment
Enjoys: Reading, painting, dining with friends, family, spiritual and emotional growth


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Reviews & Comments

Longview, TX

Pretty much a living hell
- 2/17/2021
For people who feel trapped or that they have to live there, they need to make a difference. There focus shouldn't be on what is wrong, but in doing something about it. To not direspect people who are religious but to respect all people, even if you don't feel respected. Everything we send out returns to us. Therefore, we need to not point fingers at what/who we don't like but know that we are responsible for ourself and to be decent, even if others aren't. That is a person who can make a difference.

Marshall, TX

Marshall review
- 2/6/2021
It's good to see your great comment. I'm considering Marshall as a possibility. This helps. Thank you!

Tyler, TX

Just OK is right!
- 8/31/2019
This person means tornadoes instead of hurricanes, since hurricanes only form on the ocean.

Independence, MO

Frustrated resident
- 9/24/2018
Good people that love this town need to become very committed and stand united and vote in strong, responsible, moral people who want more than a paycheck. This starts with the good citizens becoming a terror to the offenders until people get the idea they aren't going away until there is law and order. This takes community effort and lots of it. So get with it people and stay with it. If we love a community or city, we should be committed to make it better and not tolerate lawless taking over, including with the lackluster police dept.

Temple, TX

re: Living in Temple, TX
- 1/20/2018
I can't imagine asking a question like this based on race. Americans have the same freedoms regardless of race. There are good and bad people everywhere. There is freedom to choose where one lives and I suggest not caring about anything but what is right for you. Visit an area and get a feel about it for yourself. If you're spiritual, pray for guidance. If you feel guided there spiritually, nothing else should matter. That's my take on it.

Rome, GA

re: Rome,GA: The dead city with no diversity
- 12/14/2017
I believe in diversity as it applies to the dignity of every human being, based on race, gender, religion, and free will. It would be nice if everyone had that same conviction. But there are groups and faiths who don't respect the dignity of others and it comes from ignorance. They may only respect their own belief systems. When it comes to protecting one's society or faith, there should be decent people who unite and are intolerate of diversity that isn't healthy.

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