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Freeport, IL

I like Freeport I just don't like what it - 1/9/2019
title should have said I like Freeport I just don't like what it has become.

Freeport, IL

I like Freeport I just don't like what it's become - 1/9/2019
I've lived here since the mid 1970's and only moved away for a short time before returning. We love the fact Freeport is close to many great midwest attractions. Unfortunately Freeport has been in a state of decline for many years and probably hasn't reached bottom yet. The large companies that once called this home have left or been reduced to almost nothing. There are many empty factories, buildings and homes. Retail has left as well leaving empty buildings that have sat for years and decades. Property taxes are rising we paid low 30's for our house and pay $3500. in taxes that they say is worth far more than we can sell it. Our water bills are in the $100 a month range. They want to raise the tax on all utilities as much as they can. Our local government pension fund is under fund by $40 million dollars which has to be funded somehow. Borrowing by a bond sale looks like it will be done to fund it but, that money still has to be repaid. Virtually all of our streets are in need of rebuilding. A new water treatment plant, wells, water mains, storm sewer, sewer lines and waste water plant are all in need of replacing. The city demos houses and buildings every year to get rid of the blight. Driving down almost any street you will see homes in need of major repairs or waiting for demolishment. Crime has increased dramatically but, 2017 was slightly better to be fair. It may sound like I don't like Freeport but actually I like Freeport I just don't like what it has become. Freeport has a very rich history that could be capitalized on. The central location with Chicago, Madison, Dubuque, Quad Cities and even St Louis make Freeport an excellent location for business. I hope Freeport can get the leaders it needs that can turn it around and make this tired city back into the gem it deserves to be again. For us we intend to move away as soon as we can.

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