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Beaufort, SC

Beaufort..... - 7/12/2010
I live here in Beaufort, I actually grew up here, but have lived in a few different places. The main problem with Beaufort are the people who run this town. Our schools are some of the worst in the nation, and nothing is being done about it. We have a huge lack of education, low paying jobs, and A very high cost of living. The rest of my family actually lives in Hawaii, and the cost of living here is cheaper, but not by a whole lot. The difference is, what you would get paid $18.00 an hour for there you make min. wage here. Health care, is not so good here as well.
Beaufort is a nice little place to live though. A beautiful enviroment, great history, rivers, beaches,fishing, and wild life. Beaufort could be a wonderful place to live, if the people here demanded some changes.
We have quite a few VERY wealthy people that call Beaufort there home. This still does not seem to break this trend of the "I don't give a rat's !*s about anything" attitude from our local officials.
Other than that, Beaufort is a quiet little town, a town where you have local festivals, outings on the river, and great culture. We like our town quiet. We don't mind driving to Savannah to go to the mall. It is nice to leave it all behind in Savannah and come back to our sleepy little town.

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