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Minooka, IL

Little Minooka - 8/11/2007
Minooka, though slowly growing is still a small town with its little bustling shops and corn fields surrounding it. It has lost its little village atmosphere and has become impersonal to some degree. Industrial parks are being built all over the area and trucks abound, holding up traffic and making it quite dangerous for children to walk or ride their bikes in certain areas. Crime is not as bad as other areas, but it does have its problems. All in all, it is a good place to live as yet.

Utah, UT

Living in Utah and its culture - 8/11/2007
If you're planning on living in Utah, you must understand these things:

In Utah, there is no seperation of Church and State...as a matter of fact, there's no seperation of Church and Anything. If you are fully integrated into the Mormon grid, you will be fine. If you're not a Mormon, your children will suffer and you will eventually learn that every aspect of your life will be affected in a negative way by the Mormons.

Drinking liquor or caffeine is demonized, and smoking is not even allowed in public parks.

Their lives are devoted to proving that each is a better Mormon than the next and it is assumed that non-Mormons are nothing.

They have been told by their leadership that they should associated with non-Mormons. But, why should that even come up?

Fort Collins, CO

Great place to live
- 8/16/2006
I lived in Fort Collins for seven years and recently moved back to Illinois. The quality of life in Fort Collins surpasses any town in the midwest, with its small town charm and magnificent views of the mountains. For those that like the outdoors, there is plenty to do since the high country is a short distance away. For those that like to shop the extraordinary, the boutiques down College in Old Town the area offer you many unique selections. The Front Range offers some buffering from the cold and for the most part the winters are very mild. If you have the opportunity to move to Colorado, you will enjoy the diverse lifestyle it has to offer.
I now live in Illinois and wish we never left. I am flatlining in the flatlands. Dee Stofko

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