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Bossier City, LA

It's all right - 9/14/2014
Lived here for 7 years, ready to leave, mind you. There are a number of colleges including a state university branch. It gets terribly hot and humid in the summer with wasps and large bugs everywhere. You'll just want to stay indoors 24/7 and enjoy your $200 a month cooling bill.

Spring and Fall are nice. Winter sucks. It gets way too cold, seems to get colder each year. I figure if you have to endure an inferno of a summer, why have to endure a hard freeze winter? Better to move further down south where the winters are much more mild and it is no hotter than it is in Bossier/Shreveport.

If you identify as a hipster, nerd or any kind of intellectual then you may find friends will be in short supply. Same goes for online dating, unless you like to do redneck activities such as mudding or hunting or casual sex in someone's mama's house in the woods. You won't like the local or health food options around here. There are some decent places to eat. The best ones seem to be very expensive.

We're getting a Wholefoods next year they say. That's new.

If you're not white, southern and religious good luck finding your niche out here unless you already have a network in place. You will find many kind people and hospitality if only you love Jesus or can stomach the pretending (I can't).

I need to get out of here. Maybe back to California or anywhere but the South.

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