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Im a 27 year old mothe of two. I was born here in bele glade. i left home to go to the military 20 days after graduation. i have had a wonderful life in which i have seen and done alot.I moved back home 3 years ago and i must say its been wonderful.now i think its time i move on again


Life Stage: Young and Single
Occupation: Administrative and Support Services


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Belle Glade, FL

Thanks for the complainment but..... - 12/12/2008
I am a resident here in belle glade. Yes the apartments are cheap and so are the houses.We struggle here its not as pretty as you desribe it.Job growth is up but that means theres two jobs for forty applicants. Its harder here because we dont have the resources a city would have.There are no malls here no movie theaters the best thing here is the beautiful scenary. Every thing is greeen year round. That sounds beautiful i know but if you eat to much cake you dont even realize there cake on the table.We have traditions here ive never seen in any other town.People leave here all the time but its just something abot this town that just calls you home. Its like walking into Cheers every body knows your name and wants to know where you've been.This is a place to raise a family but be prepared for a struggle. Dont move here with nothing and expect to get millions. Come here when your ready to settle down.

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