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King City, CA

Crime... Education... Economy... Housing - 9/17/2009
King City offers no opportunity. The schools are getting taken over by the state for poor performance. The schools can't afford their teachers they pink slipped 56 teachers. The schools cut PE to 2 years. There is very little enrichment such as field trips and assembellies and art and music are out of the elementary schools. They do have a great charter school which offers music, art, dance and drama. They have let go of counselors and can't afford psychologists in the schools. Gang violence... teen pregnancy.... drugs... theft.... arson.... drive by shootings... shootings at soccer games where innocent people are killed.... foreclosures... small businesses try but fold up because of large chains....shopping is an hour away... universities are an hour and a half away..... the hospital is a nightmare... there are only a couple good doctors but you can't get in because they are in demand.... agriculture is the main source of income. There is no compliance to covenance in neighborhoods... bathroom tile can decorate the outside of a person's house.... fences can be built out of anything.... corn grows in people's yards with mounting piles beer cans. Alcohol is the center of every activity even fundraisers and events involving children. Alcoholism is rampant. There are no professional jobs available unless you want to drive an hour. Everyone either works in a school, hair salons that charge 10-18 dollars a cut (we are poor here)police station, post office, bank, gas station, hospital or a farm field. IF NOT they sell Mary Kay, Avon, candles, baskets, real estate (which is not fruitful) or other multi level marketing businesses which sell a dream of escape from this armpit. There are only jobs that are required for the existence of a town. There is no innovation here. No mall stores for teens.

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